How Much Does A Video Cost? (2022)

How much will it cost to create a video? 

Asking this question is kind of like asking how much does a car cost? The answer is – it depends! Are you looking for a lamborghini or a toyota? 

At the end of this blog post, we’ll go over some sample budgets but for now we’re going to go over the system we use to price our videos. 

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How we price our videos

Our process for pricing is to first have our leads fill out our briefing form followed up with a discovery call. In these two stages we diagnose what the client’s needs and wants are to determine what the video solution will be. Just like a patient going to a doctor. 

From there we’ll start to crunch the numbers together to create our estimate. 

We focus on three steps:

Pre-Production Cost – which consists of:

  • Communications 
  • Research and story development 
  • Cast and Crew hiring and coordination 

Production Cost – which consists of:

  • Cast and Crew 
    • Producer
    • Director
    • Cinematographer
    • Camera Operator
    • Grip
    • Makeup Artist
    • PA
    • Actors
    • Location rental 

Post-Production Costs – which consists of:

  • Timeline for the video deliverables
  • Complexity of the video
  • Number of deliverables  

Usually, a percentage breakdown is:

  • 30% for Pre-Production
  • 35% for Production
  • 35% for Post-Production 

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Now for the numbers reveal:

How much does a video cost?

On average, video production companies that are just starting out will charge under $5,000, usually in the under $2,500 range.

From there you move into professional video production companies, like ourselves, that deal with budgets starting at $7,500 to $25,000+

Past this are production companies that deal with commercial level projects that start at $50,000. 

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