Post-Production: A Comprehensive Guide

The magic of a well-crafted video doesn’t end when the director shouts “Cut!” In fact, that’s when the third act of the Video Production Process begins. Post-production is where raw footage is meticulously polished and perfected to create a compelling video. Today, we’re taking you behind the scenes at Lapse Productions to explore our post-production process.

A screenshot of Adobe premiere pro editing timeline.

1. Logging and Transcribing

Post-production begins with the tedious but vital process of logging and transcribing. Every bit of recorded footage and audio is carefully labeled and logged. This ensures that the editors can quickly locate specific clips when they need them.

2. Assembling the Rough Cut

Our editors then begin assembling a rough cut. This is the initial version of the video that provides a baseline for further refinements. It includes the selection and arrangement of shots, along with rough audio editing.

A screenshot of an editing timeline from Adobe Premiere Pro.

3. Fine-Tuning: Video Editing and Color Grading

After the rough cut, our editors dive deeper into the art of video editing. They trim shots, add transitions, and ensure the pacing of the video aligns with the script and the video’s objective. In addition, color grading is performed to give the video a consistent and appealing look that matches the project’s tone and branding.

A screenshot of premiere pro editing software, color grading tab.

4. Sound Design and Mixing

No video is complete without the perfect sound. Our sound engineers refine the audio captured during production and may add sound effects, voice-over, and music. The audio is then mixed and balanced to ensure clear and consistent sound throughout the video.

5. Visual Effects and Graphics

Depending on the project, our post-production process might also include adding visual effects, motion graphics, or animations to enhance the video’s impact.

6. Client Delivery & Review

Once we are happy with the video from our editor we will go into a 3 step process with our clients:

  1. Rough Cut Delivery & Feedback: A first cut is presented to the client via a link. Clients are suggested to present notes within 48-72 hours for timely delivery of the final video. Once the notes come in we take 48-72 hours to deliver the Fine Cut. 
  2. Fine Cut Delivery & Feedback: Same process happens again. 
  3. Final Cut Delivery: Fine Cut notes are implemented and the video is exported in the required format(s) and delivered to the client. We will then begin to archive the project once the Client has confirmed via email that they have downloaded the footage. 


That’s a wrap on our post-production process at Lapse Productions! We believe that meticulous post-production work is just as important as the shooting itself in producing high-quality marketing videos. It’s here that we add the final touches that truly make your videos stand out.

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