What is an Explainer Video

Does your company have a complex product or service that you need to market? Do you find that your leads or customers often have a difficult time understanding what it is you are selling them? Have you thought about creating an Explainer Video to solve this problem? 

In this blog post we are going to talk about how Explainer Videos help businesses communicate complex messaging in simpler terms. 

What is an Explainer Video

An explainer video is a short to medium length video that highlights a company’s product or service in an engaging way.

You can think of explainer videos as a way to simplify complex messaging in an easy to understand way. 

Explainer videos are versatile pieces of video content that can be used on company websites or on social platforms. B2B business will tend to place them predominantly on website landing pages or product and services pages. B2C business will tend to place them predominantly on social media platforms in addition to website landing pages. 

Elements of an Explainer Video

An Explainer Videos have several technical elements:

  • Short length: Explainer videos are on average 1 to 3 minutes in length. 
  • Problem Solving: Explainer Videos clearly state what the problem is and how the product or service solves that problem. It does not go into too much technical detail on how the product or service works as that is reserved for the Tutorial Video. They also focus on why the viewer should be interested in it. So to summarize: What, How, and Why?
  • Call To Action (CTA): Explainer videos have a strong call to action at the end. They clearly state what the viewer should do next.

Different types of Explainer Videos

There are three different types of Explainer Videos: Animated Explainer Video, Live-Action Explainer Video, and Animated Live-Action Explainer Videos.

Animated Explainer Video

These are the most common types of explainer videos. The reason for this is that they are able to use strong visuals to engage and maintain audience attention. 

A benefit of Animated Explainer Videos is that they do not require any live-action footage capture. This is a serious consideration for businesses that are affected by the COVID-19 lockdown measures. 

It should be noted that Animated Explainer Videos will often cost the same and likely more than live-action videos. This depends on how complicated the animations are and whether you want custom animations to be used instead of stock animations. 

On average, a 1 minute animation video will cost $3,500 CAD. 

Live-Action Explainer Video

A Live-Action Explainer Video uses people and objects instead of animations to explain your company’s product or service. The video production process for this type of video is the same as its animated counterpart with the exception of slightly more preparation due to the inclusion of more cast and crew members. 

On average, a 1 minute live-action explainer video will cost $2,500 CAD. 

Hybrid Explainer Video

This type of explainer video incorporates both animation and live-action footage. 

On average, a 1 minute Hybrid Explainer Video will cost $5,000 CAD.

3 Benefits of Explainer Videos

There are 5 benefits to creating Explainer Videos for your business. 

1) Boost Conversion Rates

Conversion rates can see an increase from the introduction of explainer videos. According to Wyzowl 94% of viewers report watching explainer videos with 84% following it up with a purchase of that product. 

Conversion rates can include audience engagement, dwell time, bounce rate, website traffic, and sales conversions. 

2) Simplify Your Message

Explainer videos help simplify complex messaging in an easy to understand way through the use of engaging visuals. Remember people are visual learners. So if you have a high text to image ratio your conversions will suffer.

3) Increase Your SEO

Explainer Videos are helpful in increasing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The reason for this is that they increase dwell time and bounce rate by having users stay longer on your website. 

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