What is a Corporate Video?

Corporate videos are super important in the business world today. They’re the go-to for showing off what your company is all about—your vibe, what you offer, or what you sell, all wrapped up in a story that sticks. Here at Lapse Productions, we’re all about creating corporate videos that don’t just get watched but get remembered. We’re diving into the essentials, the different flavors of corporate videos, and what it takes to make them—from start to finish. And, we’ll show you why they’re absolutely key to marketing nowadays.

Why are Corporate Videos Important?

Corporate videos are basically the Swiss Army knife for businesses looking to get their message across, nail down their brand vibe, catch the eye of their target crowd, and stand out from the competition. They’re great at breaking down complex stuff into something easy and engaging to watch. Whether it’s showing off a new product or service, sharing what your company stands for, or introducing your key players, these videos can do it all. They’re super versatile, so whether you’re a big company or a small shop, you’ve got a shot at spreading your word far and wide. And with video content taking over the web, having a solid corporate video is pretty much a must-have for any business that’s looking to keep up with the times.

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Key Elements of a Corporate Video

Making a corporate video that really grabs attention comes down to a few key things. Think of these as the secret sauce that makes your video not just good, but unforgettable. Here’s the scoop on what makes a corporate video pop:

  • Objective: Start with what you want to achieve. Is it about getting your brand name out there, teaching folks about what you offer, or showing off your company culture? Having a clear goal from the get-go guides the whole story you’re going to tell.
  • Target Audience: Know who you’re talking to. This shapes everything from your video’s vibe, the words you choose, to the overall look. You want to hit the right notes so it speaks directly to the people you’re trying to reach.
  • Message: This is the core of your video. Keep it sharp, engaging, and true to what you stand for. It’s all about getting to the essence of what you want to share, in a way that sticks with your audience.
  • Visuals and Sound: Don’t skimp on the look and feel. Top-notch visuals and clear, catchy audio are what make your message fly. They’re what keep folks watching and listening, all the way to the end.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Wrap it up with something for your audience to do next. Whether it’s checking out your website, dropping you a line, or grabbing what you’re selling, a strong CTA ties it all together and turns viewers into action-takers.

Get these elements just right, and you’ve got a corporate video that’s more than just a piece of content. It’s a message that’s engaging, memorable, and most importantly, effective.

Types of Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are essential tools for companies, each serving a specific purpose to convey the company’s message effectively. Here’s a quick overview of the different types of corporate videos:

1. Company Profile Video

Company Profile Videos provide a comprehensive overview of your company, its values, products, services, and messages from the top-tier executives. This type of video helps potential customers and stakeholders understand the company’s purpose and values.

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2. Promotional Video

Promotional videos concentrate on showcasing your product or service. They create consumer awareness, especially for new product launches. These can be divided into product videos and service videos.

Brand videos foster and enhance brand recognition within your target market(s).

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3. Explainer Video

Explainer Videos offer informative insights into a company’s product or service. They employ a colorful, fun, and engaging approach, focusing more on providing information rather than being overly commercial. These videos can be live-action, animated, or a blend of both.

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Beyond these, there are several more specialized types of corporate videos:

  • Investor Relations & Results Videos: These videos communicate financial health and projections to investors.
  • Recruiting, Training, & Safety Videos: Aimed at onboarding new hires, educating employees, and promoting workplace safety.
  • Internal Communication Videos: Used for sharing company news and updates with team members.
  • Event, Conference, & Tradeshow Videos: Highlight your company’s participation in industry events.
  • Testimonial Videos: Feature satisfied customers or clients praising your products or services.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Videos: Focus on your company’s efforts to make a positive impact on social, environmental, and ethical issues.
  • Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Videos: Showcase your commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Each type of video plays a vital role in building and communicating the company’s brand, values, and offerings to a wide range of audiences.

For more on the different forms and purposes of corporate videos, head over to our detailed guide which explores the landscape of corporate videos and how they can be leveraged for maximum impact.

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How are Corporate Videos Created? Introducing the Video Production Process

Creating a corporate video involves several crucial stages, each contributing to the final product’s effectiveness and quality. Understanding this video production process can help ensure that your video meets its intended goals and resonates with your audience.

1. Pre-Production

Pre-Production: This foundational stage sets the direction for your video. It involves:

  • Conceptualization: Brainstorming ideas and defining the video’s purpose and message.
  • Scriptwriting: Crafting a script that conveys your message clearly and engagingly.
  • Storyboarding: Visualizing the video scene by scene to guide production.
  • Casting: Selecting actors or presenters if needed.
  • Location Scouting: Finding the right settings for your video.
  • Scheduling: Planning the shoot to ensure everything runs smoothly.
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2. Production

Production: This is where the planning comes to life through:

  • Filming: Capturing all the necessary footage, following the storyboard and script.
  • Recording: Getting all audio elements, including voice-overs and ambient sounds.
  • Directing: Guiding the cast and crew to capture the desired performance and visuals.
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3. Post-Production

Post-production: After filming, the video is shaped into its final form through:

  • Editing: Piecing together the footage to tell the story effectively, including cutting, sequencing, and adding transitions.
  • Sound Design: Incorporating music, sound effects, and balancing audio levels to enhance the video’s emotional impact and clarity.
  • Visual Effects and Graphics: Adding elements such as titles, motion graphics, and any special effects to complement the video’s message.
  • Color Grading: Adjusting the colors to ensure consistency and convey the right mood and style.
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Each stage of the production process requires careful attention to detail and coordination among the various team members involved. By understanding and meticulously planning each step, businesses can create compelling corporate videos that achieve their communication objectives and engage their target audiences effectively.

How Much Does A Corporate Video Cost?

Below are pricing packages that Lapse Productions charges for corporate video productions:


Ideal for Simple Videos
Starts with:
1 video (60s – 2 min)

Basic Strategy Session $250
-Basic Development & Strategy

1 Full-Day Filming $1,500
Interviews & B-Roll
Basic Production Quality (1 person crew)
-Videographer (1 Camera) – $1,500
-Up to 10 hrs
-Includes Basic Equipment Package

Editing – $1,500
-Basic Editing
-Basic Motion & Text Graphics
-1 Music License
-1 Round of Revisions

From $ 3,250


Perfect for Important Videos
Starts With:
1 Video (60s – 2 min)

Advanced Strategy – $500
-Standard Development & Strategy
-Location Scouting

1 Full-Day of Filming – $3,750
Interviews & B-Roll
Standard Production Quality (4 person crew)
-Up to 10 hrs
-Producer – $1,250
-Cinematographer – 1,500
-Audio Operator – $800
-Production Assistant – $200
-Includes Standard Equipment Package

Editing – $2,000
-Standard Editing
-Basic Motion & Text Graphics
-1+ Music License
-2 Rounds of Revisions

From $ 6,250


The best of the best
Starts With:
1 Video (60s – 2 min)

Premium Strategy – $750
-Advanced Video Development & Strategy
-Location Scouting

x1 Full-Day Filming – $4,750
Interviews & B-Roll
Advanced Production Quality (5 person crew)
-Up to 10 hrs
-Producer – $1,250
-Cinematographer – $1,500
-Audio Operator – $800
-Grip/Gaffer – $500
-Production Assistant – $200
-Includes Advanced Equipment Van

Editing – $2,500
-Complex Editing
-Basic Motion & Text Graphics
-1+ Music License
-2 Rounds of Revisions

From $ 8,000

Case Study Examples

Promotional Video Cost:

Here is an example of a Promotional video we produced and how much it cost:

Client: Blackdoor Development Co.

Cost: This video cost $6,250

YouTube video

Animation Video Cost:

Here is an example of a Animation video we produced and how much it cost:

Client: DMZ

Cost: This video cost $7,500

YouTube video

Event Video Cost:

Here is an example of an Event same day edit we produced and how much it cost:

Client: Eye Recommend

Cost: This video cost $4,250

YouTube video

If you have a video sample in mind and are curious to see how much it would cost then reach out to us for an accurate quote! 

Why Lapse Productions is Your Go-To Choice for Corporate Video Production in Toronto

Nestled in the heart of Toronto, Lapse Productions is a cadre of seasoned creatives and technicians embodying the blend of experience, technical prowess, and distinctive style crucial for concocting compelling corporate videos.

  • Local Expertise: Our deep-rooted understanding of the Toronto market, allied with our acumen of local filming locales, empowers us to craft videos that strike a chord with local audiences. Our Toronto lineage imbues our productions with an authentic local essence, embodying the essence of video production Toronto.
  • Communication and Professionalism: Transparency in communication and a well-charted process are the hallmarks of Lapse Productions, ensuring a frictionless voyage from the drawing board to the big screen. Our professionalism mirrors in our punctuality, crystal-clear budget deliberations, and unwavering adherence to timelines.
  • Creative Excellence: Our portfolio is a window to our creative sagacity and distinct style. We take pride in our ability to infuse a breath of fresh innovation into corporate video production, helping your brand emerge from the crowd.
  • Technical Proficiency: Armed with cutting-edge equipment and a discerning eye for contemporary video production techniques, we pledge that every venture we embark on is delivered to the pinnacle of technical standards.

Opting for Lapse Productions for your corporate video requisites is synonymous with choosing a partner devoted to showcasing your brand in the most illustrious light possible. We cordially invite you to peruse our portfolio and reach out to discuss how we can translate your vision into a visual masterpiece.

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