LAPSE 2019 Kickoff - TEDxDonMills

We hope everyone’s year has been productive so far!

In December we had the opportunity to get connected to TEDxDonMills via Erika Lorenzen who was Co-Executive Lead and Conference Designer. The conference focussed on the theme of DESIGNING TOMORROW. The chair of TEDxDonMills, Sameer Ali, and the team wanted to highlight the growing significance of the Don Mills area in the ever rapidly changing developing City of Toronto. To quote him:  

“We live in a world of rapid change and development. Designing Tomorrow acknowledges that our tomorrow is a direct reflection and response of our present, and as we move through this journey of the human condition, each one of us has a hand in what that future will look like.”

On February 9, we completed the coverage for TEDxDonMills, hosted at the Aga Khan Museum.

As one of the sponsors for the event and having completed 12 speaker intro videos along with a 1 minute conference launch video, our team was thrilled to finally see the event come to life.

We just wanted to give a big thanks to the incredible team behind the conference. You put together an incredible and inspiring event.

Thanks for having us be a part of the very FIRST TEDxDonMills and we look forward to next year!

We are currently working on the highlight video of the event so stay tuned for future blog posts!

(BTS photos by Tabias Frederikson)