Best Earth Day Video Ads (2024)

As Earth Day approaches, we’re reminded of our collective responsibility to foster a healthier, more sustainable planet. In the digital age, video advertising has emerged as a powerful tool to convey this message, inspiring action and awareness through compelling narratives and striking visuals. At Lapse Productions, we’ve sifted through this year’s array of Earth Day ads to bring you the very best. Our selection criteria focused on creativity, clarity of message, visual appeal, and the effectiveness of the call to action—ensuring each ad not only captures attention but also motivates viewers towards environmental stewardship.

The ads we’ve chosen stand out not just for their aesthetic qualities, but for their ability to engage the heart and mind, urging us all to take a stand for our planet. From innovative storytelling techniques to breathtaking cinematography, these ads represent the pinnacle of what it means to use one’s platform for good. As we delve into each of these masterpieces, let’s appreciate the artistry and the urgent message they carry. Join us in celebrating the power of video production to make a difference this Earth Day.

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day, observed annually on April 22nd, is a global event dedicated to environmental protection and sustainability. First celebrated in 1970, it marks a day of action to raise awareness about environmental issues ranging from pollution and deforestation to climate change and conservation. Earth Day serves as a reminder of our collective responsibility to foster a sustainable and environmentally friendly world. It encourages individuals, communities, and organizations worldwide to participate in activities that promote environmental health, from planting trees and cleaning up litter to advocating for policy changes and renewable energy. By celebrating Earth Day, we reaffirm our commitment to protect the Earth for future generations, highlighting the importance of unity and action in the face of environmental challenges.

1. Wherefrom – “Stop The Wash”

Overview and Brand: “Stop The Wash” by is an Earth Day ad that takes a bold stance against the prevalent issue of greenwashing among corporations., a sustainability review platform, targets this campaign to challenge the misleading environmental claims made by brands, using humor and satire to engage viewers and provoke thought about genuine sustainability.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Satirical Approach: Utilizes humor and satire by copyrighting empty environmental slogans commonly used by companies, such as ‘Green Is Our Nature’ and ‘Go Green Do More’.
  • Catchy Music and Visuals: The ad features engaging music and visuals that parody the superficial efforts of corporations to appear eco-friendly.
  • Educational Message: Highlights a startling statistic from the European Commission, revealing that 42% of brands exaggerate their green credentials, emphasizing the widespread nature of greenwashing.

Why It Works:

“Stop The Wash” stands out through its clever use of satire to spotlight greenwashing, making a serious topic both engaging and approachable. The combination of humor, catchy music, and striking visuals ensures the message is not only memorable but encourages viewers to critically assess brands’ environmental claims. This innovative approach amplifies its impact, aligning with Earth Day’s call for genuine environmental accountability.

2. YouTube – “Non-Fungible Planet”

Overview and Brand: YouTube’s Earth Day celebration took a unique turn with “Non-Fungible Planet,” an initiative inviting viewers and popular creators to delve into our planet’s uniqueness. By leveraging the platform’s extensive reach, YouTube skillfully combined environmental education with the creative input of its community, fostering a widespread awareness campaign.

YouTube video
Non-Fungible Planet – YouTube

Key Features:

  • Creator Collaboration: Engages a diverse array of YouTube creators, encouraging them to produce content focused on environmental issues, thus reaching a broad audience.
  • Educational Content: Focuses on raising awareness about the planet’s ecological challenges while offering insights into preservation and conservation efforts.
  • NFT Theme: Cleverly incorporates the concept of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to appeal to the crypto-savvy audience, drawing a parallel between the uniqueness of NFTs and the irreplaceability of our planet.

Why It Works:

The “Non-Fungible Planet” campaign capitalizes on the current NFT craze to underline the Earth’s value, cleverly marrying a hot trend with environmental advocacy. This approach not only garners attention but also educates the audience about sustainability through relatable content, making complex topics accessible and engaging.

3. Back Market – “Hack Market”

Overview and Brand: For Earth Day, Back Market, a French e-commerce platform specializing in refurbished electronics, launched “Hack Market” in collaboration with the Paris-based agency Marcel. This guerilla marketing campaign aimed to shift consumer behavior towards choosing refurbished smartphones over new ones, highlighting the significant environmental benefits of doing so. By utilizing Apple’s Airdrop feature, Back Market targeted consumers directly inside Apple stores in Paris, Berlin, and London, delivering a powerful message about sustainability and consumer choice.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Innovative Use of Airdrop: Employed Airdrop to send messages directly to Apple device users in stores, a creative twist on traditional advertising channels.
  • Environmental Message: Focused on the substantial reductions in CO2 emissions, raw material usage, water consumption, and e-waste generation associated with choosing refurbished phones over new ones.
  • Direct Engagement: The campaign directly engaged consumers at the point of purchase, presenting an immediate alternative and making the message highly relevant and impactful.

Why It Works:

“Hack Market” brilliantly leverages a moment of potential purchase to introduce a potent environmental argument, making it both timely and persuasive. The direct approach, combined with the novelty of receiving an unsolicited yet relevant message via Airdrop, grabs attention in a unique way. This strategy not only informs but also offers an immediate actionable alternative, encapsulating the essence of effective environmental advocacy by linking awareness directly to action.

4. Ogilvy Peru for Honda – “Vertical Bike”

Overview and Brand: Ogilvy Peru, in collaboration with Honda, introduced the “Vertical Bike” initiative as a response to the environmental crisis in the Peruvian Amazon, where over a million trees are annually cut down to harvest aguaje fruit. This innovative solution equips harvesters with a device that allows them to climb trees safely and efficiently, thus preserving the vital Amazonian trees.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Innovative Design: The Vertical Bike, powered by Honda, is ingeniously designed to enable tree climbing without harming the tree, addressing the specific challenge of accessing high fruits without the environmental cost of deforestation.
  • Environmental Impact: Directly addresses the pressing issue of deforestation in the Amazon, highlighting the potential for technology to provide sustainable solutions to environmental problems.
  • Creative Solution: The ad showcases the functionality and effectiveness of the Vertical Bike, illustrating a perfect blend of human ingenuity and responsibility towards nature.

Why It Works:

The “Vertical Bike” ad is compelling for its demonstration of a practical, innovative solution to a specific environmental problem. It showcases how technology can be harnessed for conservation, offering a hopeful narrative amidst the global environmental crisis. This ad not only highlights Honda’s commitment to sustainability but also serves as an inspiration for future environmentally friendly innovations.

5. Lavazza – “Earth Day ¡Marte! For Another Planet”

Overview and Brand: Lavazza’s Earth Day campaign, “¡Marte! For Another Planet,” takes a creative leap to celebrate our planet’s unique offerings, particularly coffee. Through a whimsical journey of attempting to grow coffee on Mars, Lavazza emphasizes Earth’s irreplaceable value. The ad serves as a humorous yet poignant reminder that Earth is the only planet where coffee can thrive, underlining the importance of environmental preservation.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Imaginative Narrative: Explores the fictional journey of taking coffee to Mars, concluding with the realization that Earth’s conditions for coffee are unmatched.
  • Environmental Commitment: Highlights Lavazza Foundation’s dedication to preserving Earth and supporting sustainable coffee farming communities.
  • Sustainable Initiatives: Showcases the ¡Tierra! range, inspired by and sourced from territories where Lavazza is actively involved in social responsibility and sustainability projects.

Why It Works:

This ad captures attention with its humorous premise, using the imaginative scenario of growing coffee on Mars to underscore a serious message: Earth’s unique capability to host life and grow coffee. It effectively marries the concept of environmental conservation with Lavazza’s commitment to sustainability and community support. The campaign resonates because it connects the enjoyment of coffee—a daily ritual for many—to the broader issue of planetary preservation, making the message both relatable and impactful.

6. Soixante Circuits and BETC – “IRL Trashcan”

Overview and Brand: Soixante Circuits, in collaboration with BETC, launched the “IRL Trashcan,” an innovative project designed to bridge the gap between digital and physical waste management. This physical bin, when used, deletes all the emails in your digital trash, serving as a tangible reminder of the often-overlooked issue of digital pollution. The initiative aims to raise awareness about the environmental impact of digital waste, highlighting the need for digital cleanliness alongside physical environmental efforts.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Tangible Solution to Digital Pollution: Offers a physical means to address the invisible problem of digital waste, directly linking the action of discarding physical items with the cleansing of digital clutter.
  • Awareness Campaign: Sheds light on the lesser-known issue of digital pollution, educating the public on how everyday digital activities contribute to environmental degradation.
  • Innovative Design: The IRL Trashcan stands as a symbol of innovative environmental solutions, merging technology with sustainability efforts to tackle digital waste effectively.

Why It Works:

The “IRL Trashcan” campaign works effectively by materializing the concept of digital waste, making an intangible issue tangible. It cleverly uses physical interaction to prompt digital action, engaging individuals in a direct, impactful manner. This novel approach not only raises awareness about digital pollution but also encourages personal responsibility towards digital hygiene, resonating with a growing societal shift towards environmental consciousness in all aspects of life.

7. Forever Oceans™ – “Our Forever Oceans Kanpachi”

Overview and Brand: Forever Oceans™ introduces “Our Forever Oceans Kanpachi,” an ad campaign centered around their ocean-saving, sashimi-grade Kanpachi (Yellowtail) fish. This campaign not only promotes a sustainable, high-quality seafood option but also emphasizes the brand’s commitment to preserving ocean health. By highlighting the benefits of Kanpachi, Forever Oceans™ aims to attract consumers who are passionate about both gourmet seafood and environmental conservation.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Sustainability Focus: Showcases the environmentally friendly farming practices used to raise Kanpachi, highlighting the brand’s efforts to minimize oceanic impact.
  • Health and Taste Benefits: Emphasizes the rich flavor and nutritional value of Kanpachi, particularly its high Omega 3 content, appealing to health-conscious consumers and gourmets alike.
  • Call to Action: Encourages viewers to learn more about how they can support ocean conservation through their seafood choices, directing them to the Forever Oceans™ website for more information.

Why It Works:

The campaign successfully merges the appeal of premium, healthy seafood with the urgent need for ocean conservation. By focusing on a product that benefits both the consumer and the environment, Forever Oceans™ effectively communicates its message of sustainability and quality. This approach not only educates viewers about the impact of their food choices on ocean health but also presents a practical way to contribute to environmental preservation without compromising on taste or nutrition.

8. Greenpeace Brazil – “Los Santos +3ºC”

Overview and Brand: In an innovative campaign to spotlight the urgent issues of the climate crisis, Greenpeace Brazil intervenes in the servers of the iconic game GTA, transforming the metropolis of Los Santos to reflect the dire consequences of global warming. This initiative, titled “Los Santos +3ºC,” immerses players in a modded reality where the effects of climate change are palpable, aiming to educate and mobilize the gaming community on environmental action.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Metaverse Intervention: Utilizes the popular platform of GTA to simulate the impacts of a 3ºC increase in global temperatures, making the abstract concerns of climate change tangible and immediate for players.
  • Engagement Through Gameplay: Introduces exclusive missions with a socio-environmental focus, such as rescuing climate refugees and distributing clean water, engaging players directly in solutions-oriented activities.
  • Awareness and Action: Beyond gameplay, the campaign directs players to a dedicated hotsite for more information on the climate crisis, offering ways to contribute through donations and petition signing.

Why It Works:

“Los Santos +3ºC” brilliantly leverages the immersive power of gaming to convey the urgency of the climate crisis, reaching an audience that might not be engaged through traditional environmental advocacy channels. By transforming a familiar digital environment into a dystopian reflection of potential real-world futures, Greenpeace Brazil fosters a deeper understanding of the climate crisis’s impacts. This unique approach not only raises awareness but also encourages actionable responses from the gaming community, making it a powerful tool for environmental activism.

Emerging Trends and Impactful Strategies in Earth Day 2024 Video Ads

As we explored some of the most compelling Earth Day video ads of 2024, several key trends emerged, reflecting the evolving landscape of environmental advocacy in digital media. These ads, while diverse in their approaches and messages, collectively underscore the power of creativity, technology, and direct engagement in driving awareness and action for Earth Day.

1. Leveraging Technology for Engagement:

Many ads this year embraced technology, not just as a medium for message delivery but as an integral part of the solution to environmental issues. From Greenpeace Brazil’s inventive use of GTA to simulate climate change impacts in “Los Santos +3ºC,” to the IRL Trashcan by Soixante Circuits and BETC, technology bridged the gap between awareness and action, making the digital space a powerful ally in environmental advocacy.

2. Creative Storytelling with a Twist:

Humor and satire were effectively used to cut through the noise and capture attention. “Stop The Wash” by took a satirical jab at greenwashing, using humor to drive home its message. Lavazza’s “¡Marte! For Another Planet” used an imaginative narrative to highlight Earth’s uniqueness, reminding us that our planet, the only one with coffee, is worth saving.

3. Direct Calls to Action:

Ads this year moved beyond mere awareness to encourage specific, actionable responses from the audience. Back Market’s “Hack Market” campaign directly engaged consumers at the point of decision, offering a sustainable alternative to new electronics. Similarly, Forever Oceans™ promoted its sustainable seafood as a direct way for consumers to support ocean conservation.

4. Community and Collaboration:

Highlighting the role of community and collaboration, YouTube’s “Non-Fungible Planet” campaign showcased how collective action and creator engagement can amplify the message of sustainability. This trend towards collective action underscores the importance of community in driving meaningful change.

5. Emphasis on Sustainability and Conservation:

Across all ads, there was a clear focus on sustainable practices and conservation efforts. Whether addressing digital pollution, deforestation, or sustainable agriculture, the ads showcased a broad spectrum of environmental concerns, reflecting a comprehensive approach to Earth Day’s core message of protecting our planet.

These trends not only reflect the creative and diverse strategies employed by brands and organizations to engage with their audiences but also signal a growing recognition of the urgency and complexity of environmental issues. As we look towards future Earth Days, the innovation and commitment demonstrated in these ads inspire hope and action towards a more sustainable and conscious stewardship of our planet.

Benefits of Creating Your Earth Day Video Ad

  • Increased Awareness: These ads play a crucial role in educating the public about environmental issues and the importance of Earth Day.
  • Behavioral Change: By presenting actionable steps, they encourage individuals to adopt more sustainable practices in their daily lives.
  • Corporate Responsibility: They highlight how companies can lead by example, integrating sustainability into their business models and marketing strategies.
  • Community Building: By rallying around a common cause, these ads help forge a sense of community among viewers, united in their efforts to protect the planet.

Remember, the investment in a promotional video often reflects directly in the quality and effectiveness of the final product. It’s not just about making a video; it’s about crafting an asset that can significantly boost your brand’s visibility and appeal. For more information please contact us below to help you figure out how much your video will cost.

Conclusion: Inspiring Action, One Ad at a Time

This year’s Earth Day video ads remind us of the creative power at our disposal to confront environmental challenges. Through innovation, humor, and direct engagement, they not only raise awareness but also compel us to take meaningful steps toward sustainability. As we reflect on these messages, let’s carry their spirit forward in our actions and choices. If you’re inspired to convey your own environmental message or advocate for change through video, Lapse Productions is here to bring your vision to life. Reach out to us, and let’s collaborate to create video ads that not only capture attention but also inspire a movement towards a sustainable future. Together, we can make every day Earth Day.

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