The ICARUS PROJECT Behind the Scenes

The Icarus Project was one of Lapse’s first long form creative pieces. The shoot took a total of 3 full days to complete and a few months of editing. Angelo Grubisic aims to break the world record of the highest and farthest wingsuit jump of 40,000 ft. with a flight time of 10 minutes. He will be facing extreme cold temperatures that can go as low as -180° C.


Who is Angelo?

Angelo Grubisic is a sports aerodynamicist who happens to also be a wingsuit base jumper. Angelo works on improving the suit designs for all wingsuit base jumpers and aims to eventually develop a standardized suit for the industry. Aside from being one of the most humble people we have ever met, Angelo is very driven. One shocking thing he gave us was a brief inside look into the dangers of wingsuit base jumping. WIth there being no standard to the types of suits that are available to these athletes, many famous jumpers have unfortunately lost their lives in the pursuit of pushing the boundaries. The goal behind the Icarus Project was to help raise awareness and inspire change for this industry.



The first day entailed running practice flights and muscular endurance tests to prep for the actual testing. This is where we were able to get our preliminary interviews and see how Angelo will attempt to run the test on day 2.



This was the day of testing under -40c room temperature and -110c in the windchill. The challenging task of shooting in these conditions was not only how our equipment would handle the cold, but how the team would handle those chilling temperatures.

Solution: LOTS of layers + GoPro + lots of batteries


This day focused on testing how Angelo would perform with oxygen levels at 20,000 ft. with 11% oxygen. While Angelo was able to handle these levels, our very own video crew had trouble filming under these conditions. Dario had to periodically leave the chamber to make sure the low oxygen levels didn’t affect him. Kyrill spent the most time in the chamber which especially during the interview portion. You can really see the effects on his face.

Best of luck on your jump Angelo!!!