Case Study: Promotional Video for American Marketing Association (AMA)

The American Marketing Association (AMA) Toronto chapter helps provide an environment that allows marketers and other business professionals to network and learn from each other. This is only possible thanks to the many volunteers behind the organization. 

Earlier this year, AMA Toronto wanted to create a video and a few social snippets that not only promoted the organization and why people should join but to also showcase some of their volunteers.

Since Lapse Productions is one of the sponsors of AMA Toronto, they reached out to us to see how we can create solutions-based video content that could help them with this challenge. Read our case study below to see how we solved this problem!

Client Profile

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is a not-for-profit community of volunteer marketers creating opportunities for personal and business growth. We worked with the Toronto Chapter on this video.


The American Marketing Association is a part of the Marketing Industry.


The American Marketing Association (AMA) Toronto Chapter has a community of marketers that are not currently members. 

They needed to create a video that converted non-members into members and they wanted to do it by highlighting key messages that focus on the AMA’s value proposition. They also wanted to build awareness across the marketing community of all that AMA has to offer and through those offerings, non-members would have a better understanding of all that AMA can provide.

They wanted to highlight:

  • Leadership opportunities
  • A gateway to International resources and education-this is important as AMA is so broad across the US and we want to push that so that people understand the value and reach they get with being a member
  • Learn and build skills by working on projects with a high impact
  • Opportunities for recognition and increase their profile
  • Members can network and accelerate their personal and professional growth


Based on these requirements, we determined that a Promotional Video was the best type of Corporate Video we could create for them that would solve their problem. A Promotional Video is a type of Corporate Video that focuses on your product or service. They are effective in creating consumer awareness for your services.

Also, we had to shoot the video content entirely through Zoom because this was during the lockdown in Toronto. We directed each speaker via zoom both in terms of framing the shot to get the best possible angle and lighting and also in terms of presenting their talk.

This 2 minute promotional video would be delivered alongside several 30 second social media videos that would be advertised on their website and on LinkedIn.

The Video We Created for AMA

This video was the main video we created for AMA Toronto.

YouTube video
AMA Toronto – Value of Membership

How much this video costs

A project like this would start at about $5,000 CAD. The pricing breakdown would be:

  • Pre-Production: $1,000
  • Production: $2,000
  • Post-Production: $2,000

(Pre-Production means the planning of the video project, Production is the footage capture date, and Post-Production is editing of the video content.)


  • Initial Discussion: November 25, 2021
  • Pre-Production: November 25-29, 2021
  • Production: December 1-9, 2021 (Various scheduled Zoom Calls)
  • Post-Production: December 10-23, 2021
  • Final Delivery: January 2, 2022

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