Best Ads of the Week (April 18 2022)

Every week, Lapse Productions posts about the best ads that we found during the week. We started this as a way to keep our marketing research consistent. So it’s a good way for us to stay in the loop and its also a good way for our visitors to be informed on what marketers are doing.

So let’s dive into the first one!

Ad 1: France Parkinson’s – Living with Parkinson’s Disease

Agency Network: TBWA\Paris


Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s disease in France and in the world. A common misconception about the disease is that tremors are the only symptom but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Victims of this disease have to deal with a multitude of symptoms ranging from tremors to slowness of movement, stiffness in the muscles, sleep disorders, etc. They are essentially forced to cohabitate with Parkinsons. 

Why we love this ad is because it took the cohabitation aspect of the disease quite literally to showcase what it would be like to suffer from this disease.

YouTube video

Ad 2: Burger King Even More Confusing Times

Agency Network: DAVID Madrid


The world keeps getting more and more confusing. Is this purchase good for the planet? Should you delete that message or does that send the wrong message by deleting it? Is Max a boy’s name or a dog’s name? 

Burger King decided to chime in their two cents to this mess by releasing chicken nuggets that aren’t made of chicken. That’s right veggie nuggets. I won’t try them but this ad is so good it made me think of trying them. Key word: “think”

YouTube video

Ad 3: Vertical Bike powered by Honda

Agency Network: Ogilvy


Every year, over a million trees are cut down in the Peruvian Amazon in order to harvest the aguaje fruit. These trees are about 35 meters high, making them very difficult to reach so cutting them down is the fastest way to get the fruit. 

Ogilvy Peru came up with a solution to this environmental disaster, the “Vertical Bike”. Harvesters are able to climb up the tree using the vertical bike so they can avoid cutting down the tree. Genius solution. Genius Ad.

YouTube video

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