Results Based Videos and Passion Projects (ft. Capture The Moment Media) | Creatives Grab Coffee 22

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This weeks guest is Matthew Collings from Capture the Moment Media. Capture the Moment Media is a full service video production company proudly headquartered in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. They collaborate with brands to distill the essence of their story, and communicate it in a way that honours their uniqueness and inspires the viewer to learn more.

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  • 00:00-06:20  – Intros/How Matthew got his start
  • 06:21-11:00 – Transitioning from weddings to corporate video
  • 11:01-12:54 – Things learned from transitioning to corporate video
  • 12:55-19:54 – Creating results based videos
  • 19:55-28:12 — When Client is asking for too much or goes with a lowball competitor
  • 28:13-36:05 – You have to treat your company as a client
  • 36:06-43:10 – Delegating and growing your team
  • 43:11-56:44 – Passion Projects
  • 56:45- Ending

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00:00:00:04 – 00:00:12:02
Kyrill Lazarov
Welcome everybody again to creatives grab coffee. Today we’re joined by Matthew from Capture the Moment Media, a company that partners with brands to create video content and strategies that drive real results. Matthew, welcome.

00:00:12:20 – 00:00:14:03
Matthew Collings
Hey, what’s up, guys? How’s it going?

00:00:15:11 – 00:00:18:20
Kyrill Lazarov
It’s going pretty good. Matthew, how’s everything with you over in Vancouver.

00:00:19:23 – 00:00:23:17
Matthew Collings
It’s great. We have had some some rare sunny weather.

00:00:23:17 – 00:00:26:01

This time of year. So it’s been.

00:00:26:06 – 00:00:35:03
Matthew Collings
It’s been good, busy. Things are getting back to normal. Clients are getting antsy. They want to get some videos cooking. So we’ve been busy. It’s been a super busy start to the year.

00:00:35:11 – 00:00:41:05
Kyrill Lazarov
Everybody’s been in hibernation. March is usually the time where everybody just kind of comes out of where they’ve been hiding, you know.

00:00:42:16 – 00:00:45:16
Dario Nouri
Their quarterlies are ending.

00:00:46:11 – 00:00:51:22
Matthew Collings
Yeah, totally. I’ve had a lot of that where it’s like we’re not quite ready to get everything down, but can we pay you.

00:00:52:06 – 00:00:54:10

By the end of March? And I’m always like, Yeah.

00:00:54:11 – 00:00:57:13
Matthew Collings
It’s pretty easy. Just you can pay me anytime.

00:00:57:14 – 00:01:00:16
Dario Nouri
So if it’s green, I’ll take it.

00:01:01:03 – 00:01:01:24
Matthew Collings
Yeah, exactly.

00:01:02:23 – 00:01:10:09
Kyrill Lazarov
Before we dive a little bit further in Matthew, just give it give our audience a little bit of a quick summary of who you are and who is Capture the moment media.

00:01:11:03 – 00:01:24:08
Matthew Collings
Yeah, yeah. So I run Capture the moment Media with my partner, John, and so we’ve been doing this for God like just, just over 12 years now. Well, the beginning is kind of foggy where we have business.

00:01:24:08 – 00:01:27:06

Where we just some dudes with some cameras. Who knows?

00:01:27:08 – 00:01:48:16
Dario Nouri
They have the same thing happen with us. Like, we, I think we actually spoke about it on the show. How like, we don’t really we feel like last year was like our first official year as like a fully fledged business versus everything. Before that, it just felt like we were two freelancers just trying to find our way. And the film and the video production industry working together.

00:01:49:11 – 00:01:49:23
Kyrill Lazarov
Like I said.

00:01:50:10 – 00:01:51:11
Matthew Collings
I still feel that.

00:01:51:11 – 00:01:52:09

Way pretty much every.

00:01:52:09 – 00:01:55:24
Matthew Collings
Day. But yeah, when you says you get the ink at the end.

00:01:55:24 – 00:01:57:07

I guess that’s official. But.

00:01:58:06 – 00:02:04:07
Matthew Collings
Well, yeah. So. So we started this business back around 20, ten, right when the distillers.

00:02:04:07 – 00:02:18:01

Are coming out and, and getting pretty big and realizing, man, we can make some amazing films and you know, just wipe down the line and drugs and buy one of these cameras and get coke and so we had a.

00:02:18:01 – 00:02:21:11
Matthew Collings
Friend that was getting married and we were like, let’s try our hand at that. We really got into.

00:02:21:11 – 00:02:23:06

Weddings and it was a great way for us to kind of.

00:02:24:11 – 00:02:37:13
Matthew Collings
You know, collaborate of all the pressure of trying to deliver for somebody on a really important event. So you can learn a lot that way, but just kind of working with people and and having the freedom.

00:02:37:13 – 00:02:40:12

To be creative on weddings and in couples like to try to give you that.

00:02:41:00 – 00:02:46:05
Matthew Collings
As well. So we learned a lot and then we sort of transitioned around 20 1314.

00:02:46:05 – 00:02:53:18

We transitioned into a more commercial work and that’s pretty much been our main business for the last four years or so.

00:02:54:20 – 00:03:09:21
Matthew Collings
So we do everything from, you know, animated projects to, you know, narrative based stuff. We do interviews and voiceovers and drone stuff and the whole thing. So we kind of do, we kind of do whatever our clients.

00:03:09:21 – 00:03:10:16

Are looking for.

00:03:10:23 – 00:03:18:06
Matthew Collings
But for us, I think that we try to do to separate ourselves from other video companies that might come along as we.

00:03:18:06 – 00:03:22:22

Really try to figure out what our client’s goals are, what their pain points are, and how the videos.

00:03:22:22 – 00:03:29:03
Matthew Collings
That we’re making are actually helping them. Because I know when we first started making videos on the commercial road because you do a wedding.

00:03:29:03 – 00:03:34:07

Film and the couple lives it and maybe you get another booking from that and you think you’ve done a great job in.

00:03:34:07 – 00:03:36:20
Matthew Collings
The commercial world. You make a great video, you have a great.

00:03:36:23 – 00:03:37:14

Experience with the.

00:03:37:14 – 00:03:42:06
Matthew Collings
Client, and you’re really proud of it, but if you don’t have it, there’s not a real purpose behind it.

00:03:42:15 – 00:03:46:00

It doesn’t do much for the client. And then down the road they don’t hire you again.

00:03:46:00 – 00:03:50:03
Matthew Collings
And you go, Why they loved everything was because we didn’t really explore.

00:03:50:03 – 00:03:56:03

Why we were making this video. It had like five likes on YouTube, and my mom she likes everything.

00:03:57:23 – 00:04:08:17
Matthew Collings
And a comment from mom and Dad’s, but, you know, so it was like that was the big moment for us to realize that we can do a great job for our clients, make great.

00:04:08:17 – 00:04:16:03

Videos, but also make videos that are actually helping them and are worth the money. Then we’re going to be able to continue those relationships.

00:04:16:03 – 00:04:16:23
Matthew Collings
So that’s the kind of thing.

00:04:16:23 – 00:04:19:10

We stress all the time when we meet our clients.

00:04:20:18 – 00:04:22:09
Matthew Collings
Correct? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:04:22:10 – 00:04:34:08
Dario Nouri
That’s, that’s, that covers a lot There’s like so much to unpack there. I mean, like from the beginning, it sounds like you kind of went through the same journey with it, but then also. Yeah, like what do we go down the list?

00:04:34:19 – 00:04:38:09
Kyrill Lazarov
How many of us have all started in weddings? You know, they go, Yeah.

00:04:38:15 – 00:04:39:00
Matthew Collings
Oh yeah.

00:04:39:02 – 00:04:52:19
Kyrill Lazarov
Only one or two haven’t that we’ve interviewed so far, but is, is really funny. To just see that that’s always like kind of like the first steps. And I even remember when I first picked up the camera, I was saying to myself, Yeah, maybe weddings, you know, that’s a good place to start.

00:04:53:13 – 00:04:57:05
Dario Nouri
Is, Oh, really? You thought that from the beginning I didn’t even cross my mind.

00:04:57:13 – 00:04:58:09
Matthew Collings
Well, I thought of it.

00:04:58:16 – 00:05:15:14
Kyrill Lazarov
Earlier on because before Dario and I started working together, I was kind of working on my own for about a year, a year and a half or so. And I thought, I mean, I was curious about weddings, you know, because I you know, I’ve heard that a lot of people do it and I just wanted to kind of see what was what it was all about.

00:05:15:14 – 00:05:23:03
Kyrill Lazarov
And then it just kind of came by later. But yeah, it’s just it’s just funny to hear that. It’s a lot of similarities in that I remember.

00:05:23:06 – 00:05:23:23
Matthew Collings
Well, I don’t just.

00:05:24:10 – 00:05:35:05
Dario Nouri
I remember Carol just called me one day is like, hey, I got in with this wedding company. They need another guy. Like, let’s come on so we can discuss some of the issues together. I was like, Okay, sure, let’s do it.

00:05:35:09 – 00:05:42:00
Matthew Collings
Well, it’s it’s amazing. I mean, there’s so much there’s so much work involved and there’s so much like, you know, you.

00:05:42:00 – 00:05:48:12

Have to know about sound. You have to get to know about where to go and to get the best lighting really quickly.

00:05:48:12 – 00:05:59:15
Matthew Collings
But you also know how to have to compose shots really fast. And, and know what the right moments are made to look for and think about your edit. At the same time, there’s so much that just one filmmakers doing.

00:05:59:16 – 00:06:20:09

It’s a great way to learn so I think you’re grateful for being able to start in weddings and learn all that and then sort of bring it to our commercial clients so we can not let people down when we’re doing big 50 $100,000 project screens. I think a lot of those lessons from the weddings, I’ve sort of come over over here, but yeah.

00:06:21:02 – 00:06:47:08
Kyrill Lazarov
Yeah, it’s interesting you mentioned that because like one thing that we noticed early on was that we wanted to kind of focus a little bit more on the commercial side. Like weddings was never like a type of direction that we took, you know, as a business, more so freelancing because we always thought that, you know, like if you start in weddings and people are going to really see you as that wedding company, and that’s why we always focus made labs focus on commercial and corporate type projects.

00:06:47:18 – 00:07:02:05
Kyrill Lazarov
So I’m just curious, how did you transition from like the weddings to the commercial that it was it almost like as if you completely went to a like find a completely new set of clients or did you find people through weddings that kind of helped you transition through it? Like what was that? What was the story behind that?

00:07:03:00 – 00:07:10:12
Matthew Collings
Yeah, I mean, I don’t know. I think I don’t know. We actually we first got started a lot of people probably familiar with.

00:07:10:20 – 00:07:17:09

Slow-Motion and those guys and now their news, storytelling and Patrick and all those great guys.

00:07:17:09 – 00:07:20:06
Matthew Collings
And we got so much inspiration from that early on because they made.

00:07:20:08 – 00:07:22:24

Amazing wedding films and we were like, We want to make films like that.

00:07:22:24 – 00:07:29:13
Matthew Collings
And then they started transitioning into commercial work and they were offering education, and we kind of got involved.

00:07:29:13 – 00:07:30:12

In that and started going.

00:07:30:12 – 00:07:30:22
Matthew Collings
Yeah, like.

00:07:30:22 – 00:07:32:24

Maybe we can make commercial films as well.

00:07:33:20 – 00:07:39:03
Matthew Collings
And we were always kind of outside the box thinkers. I think as much as I love telling wedding.

00:07:39:03 – 00:07:43:02

Stories, and I loved making a film about a couple.

00:07:43:10 – 00:07:46:00
Matthew Collings
But, you know, you’re still kind of in that box of like.

00:07:46:10 – 00:07:51:00

These are the things that have to happen in a wedding day, generally speaking, and you’re trying to find the story within that.

00:07:51:06 – 00:07:52:04
Matthew Collings
I think it was exciting.

00:07:52:14 – 00:07:54:12

For my partner not to be able to think about.

00:07:55:06 – 00:07:56:22
Matthew Collings
Doing totally different stuff.

00:07:56:22 – 00:07:58:03

And getting inspired by.

00:07:58:13 – 00:08:00:22
Matthew Collings
Other starting to just get inspired by other videos.

00:08:00:22 – 00:08:04:03

That were weddings, getting inspired by also other filmmakers.

00:08:04:03 – 00:08:07:00
Matthew Collings
And also learning that a lot of those guys that also came.

00:08:07:00 – 00:08:12:12

From weddings and and then you’d start reading and you hear their stories on why they transitioned.

00:08:12:12 – 00:08:17:03
Matthew Collings
And it just got to a point where us where we were like, creatively, we’re a little stale. I feel like.

00:08:17:24 – 00:08:20:19

Financially I think there’s more opportunity in the commercial world.

00:08:21:02 – 00:08:24:21
Matthew Collings
And just like quality of life, I think sustainable. I think that you can create a more.

00:08:24:21 – 00:08:25:22

Sustainable business.

00:08:27:22 – 00:08:42:05
Matthew Collings
We felt doing this so and we wanted to yeah, we wanted to branch out a little bit. So that’s kind of why we did it. And then I think how the transition took place was, it was just we still it’s funny you mentioned like people just think of you as a wedding.

00:08:42:14 – 00:08:45:18

Filmmaker and if you’re not careful or.

00:08:46:06 – 00:08:47:11
Matthew Collings
So because we our website.

00:08:47:11 – 00:08:50:22

We updated our website, but we had weddings and commercials on there thinking.

00:08:51:06 – 00:08:53:02
Matthew Collings
Of our best videos or.

00:08:53:02 – 00:08:55:11

Wedding so that that’ll help us get commercial clients.

00:08:55:20 – 00:09:05:07
Matthew Collings
But the truth was most of the time people since they saw wedding video, they meant well, they don’t do what I need, even though it was like, oh, we definitely could do what you did. And then I found wedding couples would.

00:09:05:07 – 00:09:06:04

Come and see a.

00:09:06:04 – 00:09:17:08
Matthew Collings
Commercial film and go, Oh, they’re not really like the wedding people. And we were. And so we were kind of like in No-Man’s Land. So yeah. So it wasn’t the best and there was a bad.

00:09:17:14 – 00:09:26:14

Talks of clients who were like, We were so close not booking you guys because we saw weddings and thankfully we talked to you and realized you were cool and so anyway.

00:09:27:10 – 00:09:30:21
Matthew Collings
So we split up our websites and then eventually.

00:09:31:02 – 00:09:37:22

Just decided, let’s just stop doing weddings completely. It’s kind of phase that out and then just fully focused on the commercial side of the business that and.

00:09:37:22 – 00:09:42:11
Matthew Collings
Then yeah, I mean, I do enjoy I still enjoy doing the.

00:09:42:11 – 00:09:50:17

Weddings, but I haven’t done, you know, since and we had a couple booked in 20, 20 and those are going to be the last ones. And then COVID hit and I didn’t do a wedding for.

00:09:51:09 – 00:09:56:07
Matthew Collings
The year but I think, you know, just the commercial.

00:09:56:09 – 00:10:00:01

Business provided more opportunities, so much more chance to be.

00:10:00:01 – 00:10:01:24
Matthew Collings
Creative and to work with other creatives.

00:10:01:24 – 00:10:05:18

And contractors and it’s been, it’s been a great move so yeah.

00:10:06:07 – 00:10:09:02
Kyrill Lazarov
You get your weekends back too. Isn’t that a nice thing.

00:10:10:02 – 00:10:15:01
Matthew Collings
Yeah. Yeah. Well you guys, I had some kids in a way for you guys have kids wives and.

00:10:16:04 – 00:10:17:19
Kyrill Lazarov
We have girlfriends. We’re not.

00:10:17:19 – 00:10:25:13
Matthew Collings
There yet. Has Well, that’s, that’s funny because I, when I, I used to work in the film industry.

00:10:25:13 – 00:10:37:02

When I first started out and I didn’t have a girlfriend and it was just kind of like working those 17 hours a day and just kind of run around. And then once I met a girl, I wanted to hang out with more.

00:10:37:21 – 00:10:39:02
Matthew Collings
And then filmmaking and.

00:10:39:02 – 00:10:58:17

All that. But how do I find a job where I’m that gone, you know, every single hour for an entire week, you know? And so that was kind of, I think, why I got into doing the wedding stuff. And then, like you say, want the weekends to spend the family and, and promotion work. I can work during the week and it’s great.

00:10:59:17 – 00:11:17:23
Kyrill Lazarov
What was like one of the first major challenges that you found? I mean, I guess you kind of already explained that briefly of, of, you know, like you were trying to do weddings and commercials under the same brand. But like once you started focusing and diving more into the commercial side of things, what was something that you learned very quickly that you didn’t expect.

00:11:19:23 – 00:11:30:09
Matthew Collings
And I think kind of maybe I think a little bit of like so I guess I take this sort of kind of what I was touching on earlier.

00:11:30:09 – 00:11:31:10

And maybe in the sense that.

00:11:31:17 – 00:11:34:16
Matthew Collings
I think when you do a wedding.

00:11:34:16 – 00:11:53:06

Film, you’re not thinking about marketing it. You’re not thinking about how it’s actually solving problems or selling a product or making people money or thinking about just making a great video for a couple of people. Who are going to watch it till they get super old and as long as they still.

00:11:53:18 – 00:11:54:11
Matthew Collings
That was funny. We.

00:11:54:17 – 00:11:57:03

We, we rebranded and we made all these DVDs.

00:11:57:03 – 00:11:58:00
Matthew Collings
And Blu rays.

00:11:58:00 – 00:12:03:02

And we were super excited. They printed on them and it was amazing, all these cases. And then our buddy came over and was like.

00:12:04:01 – 00:12:14:05
Matthew Collings
Isn’t that like a dead technology now? It’s like you know? Yeah, yeah. Those wedding vows, you know, however they watch them, hopefully they can still.

00:12:14:05 – 00:12:15:03

Watch them down the road.

00:12:15:03 – 00:12:29:15
Matthew Collings
But that’s that’s kind of where your mindset was and you were just trying to make the best video you could. And then on the commercial side, I found it wasn’t as much of a business to by itself. It wasn’t so much about the quality of the video and.

00:12:30:17 – 00:12:31:04

And all.

00:12:31:05 – 00:12:36:02
Matthew Collings
That. It was a little bit more about the results. And that’s a little bit more what I found.

00:12:37:11 – 00:12:49:20

Our clients were into. That was a bit of a transition for us. So it’s just figuring out we want to do great work. We want to attract those clients that appreciate that. And but yeah, we need to make sure these videos are actually working for them.

00:12:50:20 – 00:12:54:01
Matthew Collings
So yeah, that was that kind of makes sense. Yeah.

00:12:54:03 – 00:13:22:01
Dario Nouri
Yeah. You talk a lot about results, but like that really depends on how the client is marketing the videos, right? Because you are providing like the product it’s up to them to kind of push it on their end. So how do you kind of decide like when you need to say like how do you communicated to the client to say like, okay, like I’m going to give you this product and it’s going to do well, but only if you market it, right?

00:13:22:07 – 00:13:23:22
Dario Nouri
So yeah, that works.

00:13:24:12 – 00:13:34:02
Matthew Collings
Great question there. And then again, so it all kind of starts for us, like with Discovery Call, which is where we.

00:13:34:22 – 00:13:36:17

See what happens with our clients.

00:13:36:17 – 00:13:38:09
Matthew Collings
And we really because a lot of times people do.

00:13:38:10 – 00:13:40:01

I just need an estimate to send me an estimate.

00:13:40:16 – 00:13:46:09
Matthew Collings
And that’s our first opportunity to really be able to connect with them, but also be able to really.

00:13:46:09 – 00:13:49:08

Detail it, what it is they need. And sometimes people don’t always really.

00:13:49:08 – 00:13:49:16
Matthew Collings
Know what they.

00:13:49:16 – 00:13:52:07

Need and they just know they need a video, but they don’t know why.

00:13:52:16 – 00:13:54:09
Matthew Collings
So I think when we have this.

00:13:55:16 – 00:13:56:01

We have this.

00:13:56:01 – 00:13:57:24
Matthew Collings
Discovery call, we’re really able to figure out.

00:13:58:05 – 00:14:10:18

The why and create the parameters so we can create an estimate or we can bring them into our our blueprint workshop where we’re able to actually like and then pay us for our ideas. So we do that.

00:14:11:15 – 00:14:13:15
Matthew Collings
So we figure out where they are. And if they don’t have a.

00:14:13:15 – 00:14:19:19

Strategy, we talk about that and we go, Well, do you have a strategy for and why are you making this video? And if.

00:14:19:19 – 00:14:21:05
Matthew Collings
The goal is not really, then we can.

00:14:21:13 – 00:14:31:07

Guide them there to our strategy workshop where we can actually bring strategy in early and figure out, Okay, so if we’re going to make these videos, what are you what are your big goals?

00:14:31:07 – 00:14:32:06
Matthew Collings
And then what kind of a.

00:14:32:06 – 00:14:40:23

Video do we need to make is a video that’s going to be 30 seconds. 15 seconds. Is it a long term video? Is a guy on YouTube. What are the metrics we need to pay attention to?

00:14:40:23 – 00:14:43:16
Matthew Collings
So these are all things that we can sort of get.

00:14:43:16 – 00:14:45:11

In that strategy workshop.

00:14:45:19 – 00:14:49:07
Matthew Collings
If the client already has a marketing team and all of this.

00:14:50:01 – 00:14:53:05

It’s amazing how often people still don’t give that stuff in a but.

00:14:53:11 – 00:14:59:12
Matthew Collings
So for us jumping in and saying These are all the things that sounds like you need. So if we make this kind of video, it should.

00:14:59:20 – 00:15:09:02

Solve your problems based on what I’m hearing and it just puts you in a way better spot in terms of being able to actually like create a video that’s going to work for them.

00:15:09:10 – 00:15:10:04
Matthew Collings
If they decide.

00:15:10:04 – 00:15:15:04

Not to market the video or if they drop the ball down the road and we’re not marketing it for them. There’s you know, there’s really.

00:15:15:04 – 00:15:15:20
Matthew Collings
Not much.

00:15:17:17 – 00:15:20:10

You know, there’s really not much we can do. But if we’re.

00:15:20:10 – 00:15:20:21
Matthew Collings
Bringing these.

00:15:20:21 – 00:15:25:17

Things up early and we’re creating a video that’s going to work for them, there’s a much better chance it will be successful.

00:15:25:17 – 00:15:48:21
Dario Nouri
So would you say yeah. What would you say your your success rate is with that? Because we often run into this issue where like, you know, they reach out to us like a lead might reach out to us and they’re just like, look, we’re just collecting estimates this or that. Like, we, we, we obviously try to get them on like a discovery call as well, try to see what the overarching goals are and how we can kind of help them with video.

00:15:49:18 – 00:16:10:06
Dario Nouri
But oftentimes I feel like the amount of people that are willing to kind of go through that process to then go through like the right way to solve their problem is a lot smaller than the people that just want to want something quick like, I don’t know, something came up on their end. They just need to get this type of video out there.

00:16:10:06 – 00:16:12:16
Dario Nouri
They don’t care, whatever, like that budget.

00:16:12:16 – 00:16:27:06
Kyrill Lazarov
What client that is, right? Like it’s a client that’s not willing to put in the work and the preproduction. I think we’ve talked about this before where like if they don’t want to even be willing to hop on a call promptly with you to kind of explain their issue, it’s like what other issues are going to come down the line?

00:16:27:06 – 00:16:28:03
Kyrill Lazarov
You never know, right?

00:16:29:03 – 00:16:47:15
Dario Nouri
No. Like, they’ll, they’ll explain their, their issue and everything, but at the end of the day, they don’t have either like the budget or the time to be able to properly market it. It doesn’t come out of a place of like they are just not going to do it because what it is that’s what you know mostly comes from a place of constraints.

00:16:47:21 – 00:16:50:08
Dario Nouri
So that’s kind of what we’re dealing with a lot of the time.

00:16:50:22 – 00:17:02:09
Matthew Collings
Yeah. Yeah. Oh, for sure. And I think I think, you know, even just getting a chance to bring that out to them like again, usually like I won’t say no if you don’t have a marketing plan, I.

00:17:02:09 – 00:17:02:22

Won’t work.

00:17:02:22 – 00:17:05:21
Matthew Collings
With you. We don’t we don’t do that. But it’s good in.

00:17:05:21 – 00:17:12:20

That discovery call to get a chance to bring it up. Right. And to be able to go like, what is your what is your plan to be saying anything?

00:17:12:20 – 00:17:23:13
Matthew Collings
Oh, well, we don’t really have much marketing or our goal is kind of just to, I don’t know, just throwing up on the website and is like, okay, well, if it’s going to go on the website, you know, what’s going to be its purpose there.

00:17:23:19 – 00:17:25:12

And you know, just.

00:17:25:12 – 00:17:26:07
Matthew Collings
Always getting behind.

00:17:26:07 – 00:17:27:04

That and.

00:17:28:16 – 00:17:31:08
Matthew Collings
And again, just kind of coming at it from a place of like, why are we.

00:17:31:08 – 00:17:35:03

Making this video? How is it going to help? And just sort of really hammering that home?

00:17:35:03 – 00:17:40:01
Matthew Collings
And then you become a little bit more of just a yes man. You become a little bit more.

00:17:40:01 – 00:17:40:19

Of a partner.

00:17:41:03 – 00:17:42:18
Matthew Collings
And if you show that those things.

00:17:42:18 – 00:17:44:08

Are important and.

00:17:44:11 – 00:17:48:08
Matthew Collings
Many people notice that. So, yeah, I mean, if they’re not going to market it.

00:17:49:12 – 00:17:55:04

You can talk about that in the call and see where we go from there. And you can bring up concerns and be honest.

00:17:55:04 – 00:18:11:06
Matthew Collings
And and usually it helps build that relationship because, you know, in the weddings, unless one of the couples, one of the people gets divorced and you’re probably not working with this one type client, right? Yeah. The commercial, right. I think like if you can build relationships.

00:18:11:06 – 00:18:12:18

With people and.

00:18:13:05 – 00:18:15:24
Matthew Collings
You, it’s just so much easier in terms of sales because.

00:18:15:24 – 00:18:26:17

You don’t have to do as much marketing. You don’t have to spend as much money on that because you built that relationship, you built that trust. They know that you care about the result and they trust you more. And and.

00:18:26:24 – 00:18:27:24
Matthew Collings
So just kind of setting that.

00:18:27:24 – 00:18:30:15

Groundwork and really I think people appreciate that.

00:18:30:18 – 00:18:40:24
Dario Nouri
But so asking why is so important? And then you can even keep asking on the same question until you break it down to like such a basic answer.

00:18:41:12 – 00:18:43:12

Yeah. Yeah. Sure.

00:18:43:22 – 00:18:46:07
Matthew Collings
And, and that’s it. I think like know comes to like.

00:18:47:00 – 00:19:11:13

And we’ve watched a million podcasts and still do on trying to get people’s budgets and trying to like how do you go about that and the whole sales approach and, and there’s all these tactics that you want to bring in and these things you want to check off and the call so that you can create clear expectations if the client has $100,000 budget but you don’t get their budget and then you pitched them something that’s like $10,000 and they go Well.

00:19:11:13 – 00:19:17:01
Matthew Collings
We’re going to really make the Nike level video that we’re looking for. And you’re like, Wow, I didn’t think to include that.

00:19:17:01 – 00:19:25:07

Much or the opposite is true where they go and, you know, you pitch them on something that’s $100,000 and they go, Why are.

00:19:25:07 – 00:19:31:15
Matthew Collings
You sending me this? I could never look at this. So it’s about just getting communication clear in that meeting.

00:19:31:15 – 00:19:35:21

And and that’s kind of a big way to sort of build trust. And.

00:19:37:03 – 00:19:38:13
Matthew Collings
And then it’s just about being.

00:19:38:13 – 00:19:53:16

Honest like this. Go on. Like, I’m just trying to ask questions that are going to help me out, too, because if I don’t know this, that this whole experience can be painful for you and for me. So let me just be honest and tell you, I think so I have to fly later, get in trouble.

00:19:55:07 – 00:20:19:20
Kyrill Lazarov
Getting exemple of that actually is something that happened recently where one lead reached out to reach out to us about potentially creating 12 animation videos. And they wanted to do it all by April. And so for context, it’s March 10th right now and they wanted 12 animations done by early April, let’s say let’s give them April 7th. Even in your professional opinion, is that doable?

00:20:21:00 – 00:20:24:19

Yeah, no, it’s tough. Yeah, like that. But like super character.

00:20:24:19 – 00:20:29:01
Kyrill Lazarov
Animations, not easy ones like character animations and all that kind of stuff.

00:20:29:19 – 00:20:33:10
Matthew Collings
Yeah, and that’s the thing. Like I guess what you need to look at there, I mean it could be maybe.

00:20:33:10 – 00:20:35:22

For some studios, but like I know for, for.

00:20:35:22 – 00:20:37:13
Matthew Collings
Us like time is always.

00:20:37:13 – 00:20:50:03

A thing and that’s a huge what clients are because that’s part of it. We have a bunch of things we’ll ask in the call. We’ll try to get their budget, we’ll try to get the scope of the work goals, all that, but we’ll also talk about the timeline and.

00:20:50:03 – 00:20:55:03
Matthew Collings
Almost always people go, Well, I’d like to have it, you know, sooner than later.

00:20:55:17 – 00:20:56:07

And it’s like.

00:20:56:07 – 00:21:02:07
Matthew Collings
It’s it’s pretty rare that people go like I have this marketing plan to deliver.

00:21:02:07 – 00:21:07:07

On this exact date and I can’t move. And you’re like, that’s pretty rare.

00:21:07:07 – 00:21:13:22
Matthew Collings
I find usually people sort of want it soon. So that’s my opportunity to go. If you want this level of quality.

00:21:14:20 – 00:21:18:12

It’s not smart for us to do it on this timeline.

00:21:18:12 – 00:21:29:15
Matthew Collings
Because we’re all going to be rushed and we’re all going to be stressed. Wouldn’t it be better it wouldn’t be better to like take a few extra weeks, even an extra month. I know that sounds like a long time, but there but it’s just going.

00:21:29:15 – 00:21:32:03

To make the entire experience so much better and we’re going to get to what.

00:21:32:03 – 00:21:37:07
Matthew Collings
We need as opposed to doing it a month early for really no reason. And it not being.

00:21:37:07 – 00:21:40:22

Something that we’re all super happy with. And it was stressful to get there.

00:21:41:07 – 00:21:43:06
Matthew Collings
So so I asked those questions.

00:21:43:06 – 00:21:44:16

I had people come back and go.

00:21:45:12 – 00:21:46:12
Matthew Collings
No, no, it has to be on this.

00:21:46:12 – 00:21:48:17

Date and then I’ll say.

00:21:48:17 – 00:21:52:01
Matthew Collings
Okay, well, let me think on it. Let me look at our schedule and then all access.

00:21:52:01 – 00:21:54:02

Like, Is this going to be the worst experience.

00:21:54:14 – 00:21:57:05
Matthew Collings
Or is there a way I can maybe find a way to get.

00:21:57:05 – 00:22:01:14

There? And still make it? And then we kind of make that judgment call. But yeah.

00:22:02:05 – 00:22:37:05
Kyrill Lazarov
Yeah. That you pretty much know that I’m the head. That’s exactly kind of how it went with with me and this lead I was trying to explain to them about like, you know, you want to do all this stuff. It’s very specific, you know, long videos with character animations and you want it all done by April and it’s, it’s fine if it’s maybe one or two, but they wanted 12 and they’re all different topics and like usually preproduction alone for some people that could take could even take up to a month depending, you know, a back and forth, you know, getting approvals, this and that, getting the animators, the illustrators, everyone all together and then I

00:22:37:05 – 00:22:59:07
Kyrill Lazarov
told them was like, this is what’s realistic for you guys is to maybe go with this approach. It’s like if you did one a month and you guys can do something really great with it and this is really what it will cost and I told them if even if you’re looking at other companies, you know, just saying, you know, that’s probably what you should expect if you want to get a good product like we don’t do animations that often as a company.

00:22:59:08 – 00:23:09:05
Kyrill Lazarov
We’re dipping into it a little bit more and we work with a few different animators. So we already had like a few people we wanted to recommend to them, but I think they found someone already to kind of go with. So I don’t know what that ended.

00:23:09:05 – 00:23:10:02
Dario Nouri
Oh, they found someone.

00:23:10:11 – 00:23:22:23
Kyrill Lazarov
They did was they said that they chose, they chose actually got the email this morning where they like, like, well, we’ve decided to go another way, you know, a typical email from a client and it’s like, okay, I mean, I hope it works out for you. If you got something.

00:23:22:23 – 00:23:23:09
Matthew Collings
I will.

00:23:24:11 – 00:23:24:20
Kyrill Lazarov
Tell you.

00:23:24:20 – 00:23:29:05
Matthew Collings
Cut. Was it? There’s there’s one there’s one on podcast.

00:23:29:16 – 00:23:30:03

It’s called.

00:23:30:18 – 00:23:31:10
Matthew Collings
I used to be called.

00:23:31:10 – 00:23:38:05

Studio Sherpas, but they might change that for familiar with those guys and I think they change changes the grow your video business podcast.

00:23:38:10 – 00:23:42:12
Matthew Collings
But basically they talk about these kinds of.

00:23:42:12 – 00:23:43:14

Things all the time.

00:23:43:14 – 00:23:46:10
Matthew Collings
And that’s fun to get into like in that situation, right?

00:23:46:10 – 00:23:52:04

You you’ve met the client and you you were honest with them about what you think this requires.

00:23:53:03 – 00:23:56:19
Matthew Collings
Someone else or some other company came along and just was hungry and they wanted the job.

00:23:56:19 – 00:24:06:17

And they probably didn’t think about the expectations of it all. And they probably got in over their heads. That’s a good chance. That’s what happened. And they said them they told them everything they wanted to hear. And then that client was like, Okay.

00:24:06:17 – 00:24:09:17
Matthew Collings
Great, well, hire them. And it’s really good to be able to.

00:24:09:17 – 00:24:13:05

Have a system where you can follow up with that client and if you like.

00:24:13:05 – 00:24:19:01
Matthew Collings
When you know that and when usually what we do is we’ll go, okay, so you know when that project is.

00:24:19:01 – 00:24:30:20

Due. So you told me you needed it in a month or whatever. So we have a platform we’ve used called Pipedrive where we can keep track of all of our clients as they come in. And then we can and I can send you guys a link to later, but.

00:24:32:05 – 00:24:33:14
Matthew Collings
And then you can schedule follow.

00:24:33:14 – 00:24:34:15

Ups and tasks.

00:24:34:15 – 00:24:37:01
Matthew Collings
Just in there. So you keep it away from your other.

00:24:37:09 – 00:24:43:09

And your other sort of you know, platforms that you’re using to schedule projects. You keep it as a sign thing.

00:24:43:21 – 00:24:46:03
Matthew Collings
And then you go in and you go in one month, I’m going.

00:24:46:03 – 00:24:50:12

To follow up with these people and you have like a canned response and then you customize it and you.

00:24:50:12 – 00:24:52:00
Matthew Collings
Go, well, the head of that project, though, I’m.

00:24:52:00 – 00:24:55:14

Just curious, like did it all get done on time or you super happy with it?

00:24:56:08 – 00:24:57:21
Matthew Collings
And almost always in those.

00:24:57:21 – 00:24:58:23

Situations, people go.

00:24:58:23 – 00:25:00:11
Matthew Collings
Oh, you know, we decided to hold.

00:25:00:11 – 00:25:02:04

Off on it and not do it or.

00:25:02:24 – 00:25:08:13
Matthew Collings
You know, and the best scenario for your business side for the other guys is for them to have a.

00:25:08:13 – 00:25:09:12

Bad experience.

00:25:09:21 – 00:25:12:12
Matthew Collings
And go, Yeah, it was just really rushed and it just didn’t.

00:25:12:12 – 00:25:14:12

Really work out very well. And then you can.

00:25:14:12 – 00:25:16:09
Matthew Collings
Go, Okay, well, if you’re still interesting that.

00:25:17:02 – 00:25:22:00

Guide them somewhere else, and then do your bring them back into your Pipedrive pipeline.

00:25:22:00 – 00:25:26:20
Matthew Collings
And so, you know, just if they’re not going to do what you think is going.

00:25:26:20 – 00:25:28:07

To work, find a way to sort of.

00:25:29:07 – 00:25:31:03
Matthew Collings
Prove to them that you’re right. Later.

00:25:31:20 – 00:25:33:18
Kyrill Lazarov
The nicest thing I told you so, right?

00:25:33:22 – 00:25:39:20
Matthew Collings
Yeah. And then those guys can go, oh, man, like, like well, we’re trying to do more webinars now.

00:25:39:20 – 00:25:53:09

We’re just going to start to get into that, but like guide people to that kind of stuff. And so this client should have had a strategy and they didn’t. And let’s have been come join our free webinar where we can talk more about that and build that trust. And then maybe one day that client will go.

00:25:53:18 – 00:25:55:02
Matthew Collings
I really want to book a strategy.

00:25:55:02 – 00:25:55:19

With you guys.

00:25:56:01 – 00:25:57:07
Matthew Collings
And now they become a great client.

00:25:57:07 – 00:26:02:13

So it just takes time. You just need to have a lot of, you know, a lot of I don’t know.

00:26:02:21 – 00:26:03:24
Matthew Collings
It used to be a lot of fish in the.

00:26:03:24 – 00:26:05:21

Pond, I guess. And yeah.

00:26:06:19 – 00:26:27:04
Dario Nouri
The webinar idea is pretty genius actually, because it is better than just saying like I told you so type of email response. It’s kind of like a like I kind of mentioned my goal this way, but luckily we do these like webinar events and I’d love for you to join. That’s, that’s actually really, that’s really smart. I like that.

00:26:27:04 – 00:26:28:16
Dario Nouri
Idea. When did you guys start that?

00:26:29:14 – 00:26:31:05
Matthew Collings
Well, we’ve just started to do it now that we’re.

00:26:31:05 – 00:26:39:04

Actually prepping for our first one in April. So, you know, my mom might be on it and a couple of other people, but.

00:26:40:01 – 00:26:40:13
Matthew Collings
You’re going.

00:26:40:14 – 00:26:41:17
Dario Nouri
To get at least one like.

00:26:42:11 – 00:26:45:11
Matthew Collings
Everyone, right? It’s to see this. Is she going to be the first one.

00:26:45:13 – 00:26:47:04
Kyrill Lazarov
Comments on this podcast?

00:26:47:04 – 00:26:48:24
Dario Nouri
Video sharing is shared as well.

00:26:49:10 – 00:27:06:17
Matthew Collings
Yeah. I was on the TIKTOKS, but, you know, I think it’s something like, you know, we we’re like so many other we’re like every other business like you. You’re so busy working in your business. And right now is like the busiest start of the year that we’ve ever had.

00:27:06:19 – 00:27:10:23

And but we’re still trying to, like, reach those business goals.

00:27:10:23 – 00:27:17:21
Matthew Collings
So we always try to make sure we’re creating time for that. And the webinar is one of those things solving that problem instead of being.

00:27:17:21 – 00:27:18:24

Kind of douchey and going.

00:27:19:17 – 00:27:35:12
Matthew Collings
To work out and they go, not well, well, should let’s just piece like instead of doing that, you can be like, oh man, that’s too bad. You know, like I think we talked a bit about strategy we actually have a webinar coming up in a month. Like, here’s a link you can join. It’s like a half hour, it’s free.

00:27:35:12 – 00:27:37:13
Matthew Collings
You get a few things out of it and.

00:27:37:24 – 00:27:43:07

You know, I don’t know, I might help and boom, and then it’s like you’re giving a service and you’re not coming across as.

00:27:43:20 – 00:27:46:14
Matthew Collings
Douchey. And maybe one of those people does actually join the.

00:27:46:14 – 00:27:51:23

Webinar because they’ve already met you and, and they still realize they need video and blah, blah, blah.

00:27:51:23 – 00:27:55:05
Matthew Collings
So I’d rather be the one like I’m going to work with a client and.

00:27:55:05 – 00:28:07:12

Make a few bucks, but then it’s going to be a terrible experience and they’re never going to want to work with me again. I’d rather be the guy that doesn’t make that money now, but long term develops and into a good relationship. Right?

00:28:07:12 – 00:28:11:23
Dario Nouri
So and you’re using you’re using a strategy. It’s, it’s a smart approach.

00:28:13:01 – 00:28:31:24
Kyrill Lazarov
Yeah. And I like also what you mentioned about, you know, like sometimes we tend to focus a lot more like a lot on the client projects. But, you know, it’s sometimes difficult to also focus on the best on working on the business itself. One thing that I do as a mindset is like treat the business as your most demanding client.

00:28:32:09 – 00:28:35:11
Matthew Collings
That’s a good way to do it. And I like that.

00:28:35:19 – 00:28:42:08
Kyrill Lazarov
When you start to do that, then it’s like, okay, what does labs need for me today is like, Oh, lapses call. And again, this is annoying.

00:28:44:07 – 00:28:45:01

Upgraders grab.

00:28:45:01 – 00:28:48:09
Kyrill Lazarov
Coffee, another sub client that we got to work on and just like.

00:28:50:09 – 00:28:58:22
Matthew Collings
I was like, What do you guys do to kind of stay on top of the business side? I’m curious because it is it’s funny, we’re doing a couple of projects with some clients right now that are.

00:28:59:03 – 00:29:03:00

Or they’re they’re not videos. They’re more like.

00:29:03:00 – 00:29:16:09
Matthew Collings
Internal videos where they’re making them like a promo video for them, but they often do like other kinds of videos with us that are more time sensitive and the videos that we’re doing with them. I feel.

00:29:16:09 – 00:29:22:04

Like the schedules have just gotten totally out of hand because they’re just like, I can just tell they’re busy and they’re just like.

00:29:22:09 – 00:29:28:06
Matthew Collings
That’s our project. There’s no time line, whatever. And I know what that’s like because when we have something that we’re.

00:29:28:06 – 00:29:32:24

Working on for ourselves, we often push it to the backburner because we’re so busy with our own clients.

00:29:33:17 – 00:29:34:19
Matthew Collings
What do you guys do to sort.

00:29:34:19 – 00:29:35:12

Of stay on top of.

00:29:35:18 – 00:29:37:24
Dario Nouri
That? We’re in the same boat.

00:29:38:03 – 00:30:01:03
Kyrill Lazarov
Yeah, well, one thing. One thing, for example, with the, for example, with this podcast that we’re doing is we know we want to keep to a consistent schedule of one episode released every week. So that’s at least our our goal to keep going. So we notice that. February, March, it’s like not that it was downtime, but we had a little bit more open days where we can start scheduling more and more guests.

00:30:01:10 – 00:30:15:06
Kyrill Lazarov
So like we had like three or four in February. In March we have like about six to eight different guests as well that we’re that including yourself that we’re interviewing. And that way, you know, like, no, no, no.

00:30:15:07 – 00:30:18:04
Dario Nouri
March, March, we have nine guests total.

00:30:18:10 – 00:30:20:23
Kyrill Lazarov
Okay. Tomato, tomato. But the point is we.

00:30:21:10 – 00:30:23:03
Matthew Collings
Get a four.

00:30:23:05 – 00:30:45:14
Kyrill Lazarov
That say four for that month, right? So like if ever we need like we’ll always have enough content ready to go if say there’s like a very busy week where we can’t schedule an interview, then we can still have enough content to kind of put it there. So we’re trying to kind of maximize our time when there is like a little bit of a break between major client projects because generally we were busy.

00:30:46:01 – 00:31:04:06
Kyrill Lazarov
We didn’t have time to work on anything for the business. And so now we realize, okay, if in case a project like that comes around, what can we do so that the business can kind of keep moving forward a little bit more without us needing to be like fully dived into it at that moment, that’s like one example of how we’re kind of trying to do that.

00:31:04:16 – 00:31:24:06
Dario Nouri
You’re also painting a very flowery picture, but the honest truth is that we’re trying to find our grounding because especially with the the relaunch of this show, I think this month has just been a process of trying to see how we can fit it into our schedules where it’s like it doesn’t get pushed off as soon as something else comes in.

00:31:24:18 – 00:31:44:13
Dario Nouri
So yeah, we are kind of trying to do a lot of guest episodes now, at least the shooting aspect, since we have a bit more downtime, I know it’s going to get busier in the coming months. So there’s that and then we have to like edit one once a week. So we’re trying to we’re still trying to find our footing, but so far it’s, it’s smooth sailing.

00:31:44:13 – 00:32:03:15
Dario Nouri
Like the way we’re kind of dividing it up is we are focusing a lot on this show and then for our own content we have a series of logs that are planned and we’re trying to kind of do more like should have several of those in one day just so we don’t have to worry about scheduling those in and whatnot.

00:32:03:15 – 00:32:22:22
Dario Nouri
But it’s, it’s a struggle man. Like anyone that says like, oh yeah, I have it down to a t I think is lying right there. There’s so much that comes up like last like, like this morning we were just going back and forth on like trying to figure out these like small little things for this show, like the thumbnail covers.

00:32:22:22 – 00:32:39:20
Dario Nouri
And that took a little bit of time too. And that was like have wasted no time. Yeah. It’s like it’s 2 hours wasted but you know, I think once like, for example, once the show is like after this month, I think we’ll have everything kind of like, what do you call it, Carol? Like, we’ll have everything kind of automated.

00:32:39:20 – 00:32:40:04
Kyrill Lazarov
But it’s.

00:32:40:04 – 00:32:41:05
Dario Nouri
Kind of made it kind of.

00:32:41:13 – 00:32:45:16
Kyrill Lazarov
It’s kind of like ready to go. We got a system in place, like a structure for.

00:32:45:21 – 00:33:11:22
Dario Nouri
The system and. Yeah, yeah, system in place. But I think it’s I think it’s a matter of just finding a system for each task that you have to do. And I mean, with each episode that we do, there’s one extra thing that gets added to the list of things you need to do for the business. Like, I remember when we had Duda from Black White Media, he was talking about proposals and I was like, the big, the big, the big take away from that.

00:33:11:22 – 00:33:15:21
Dario Nouri
So we we’re trying to work on improving our portfolio, our.

00:33:16:05 – 00:33:16:23
Kyrill Lazarov
Ideas, our current.

00:33:17:01 – 00:33:23:06
Dario Nouri
Proposal game. Now, you’re mentioning now you’re mentioning webinars and.

00:33:23:21 – 00:33:33:12
Matthew Collings
Well, you hit on a good point because it’s like I think some people might think, well, if you’re busy because it’s like, I’m so busy, I can’t work on my business. And people might go, Well, why?

00:33:33:14 – 00:33:35:20

Who cares if busy? You’re making money?

00:33:35:20 – 00:33:42:21
Matthew Collings
But it’s like yeah, busy. I’ve always sort of thought busy isn’t good if it’s not like if if it if there’s.

00:33:43:22 – 00:34:00:16

If there’s no structure to it and it’s chaos and I’m just so busy just bicycling around to get stuff done and I don’t have any systems and I’m in every man and I’m doing everything. I’m emailing everybody. I’m, I’m exporting this video and I’m just cleaning my camera lens is going to go out and shoot this thing. And I’m like doing everything.

00:34:00:16 – 00:34:03:07

And then I have no life and I’m grumpy.

00:34:03:07 – 00:34:10:17
Matthew Collings
And it’s like, well, you’re busy. You’re making money. Aren’t you happy? It’s like, no, I’m not, but I don’t. I don’t. The business isn’t where I want it to be. And the only way I can get it to where I.

00:34:10:17 – 00:34:15:11

Want to be is if I spend time on the business. How do I do that? Right.

00:34:15:11 – 00:34:18:03
Matthew Collings
So busy is like a relative.

00:34:18:03 – 00:34:18:19

Term, right?

00:34:18:19 – 00:34:24:15
Matthew Collings
Like my business is good. And people always say that this is good. It’s like it’s it it’s good. And it also is terrible.

00:34:24:15 – 00:34:30:09

It depends on your point of view, I guess. Right. And that’s always been my big thing. Yeah.

00:34:30:20 – 00:34:46:20
Kyrill Lazarov
I thought of another analogy. You know, it’s like it’s like when you’re working, you know, and you and you having worked on the business, it’s like neglecting your kid, you know, it’s like you come home. It’s like, I haven’t seen your kid in weeks is like, oh, when did you lose a tooth? Oh, my God.

00:34:46:20 – 00:34:51:15
Matthew Collings
What’s happening? Yeah, exactly. I know that’s saying that when you have kids and you’re working.

00:34:51:15 – 00:34:53:06

Like crazy, that’s what happens, you know?

00:34:53:07 – 00:34:56:07
Matthew Collings
But it’s like like, actually.

00:34:56:07 – 00:34:57:16

What happens is you’re like, I’m too.

00:34:57:16 – 00:35:03:23
Matthew Collings
Busy. I got I’ve always made all these promises to people, and then who gets who gets the short end of the stick? It’s your.

00:35:03:23 – 00:35:06:14

Family. Right? Which is totally not fair.

00:35:06:14 – 00:35:08:18
Matthew Collings
So that’s always kind of been my thing.

00:35:08:18 – 00:35:25:23

Is how can I create a good balance in the business and how can we be making projects that we’re proud of? Being profitable and working on the business and having systems where we’re actually like getting closer to being able to step away more and not be so tied to it.

00:35:25:23 – 00:35:29:05
Matthew Collings
And slowly but surely it’s getting better. I think the.

00:35:29:05 – 00:35:36:10

Last few months of crazy business has been a good example of that, where it’s still been able to you know, I know my kids name still and.

00:35:38:00 – 00:35:44:16
Matthew Collings
But how is they going with that? Let’s see it in Home Alone when they’re in the bus. And he’s like, Eddie isn’t, you know, he doesn’t.

00:35:44:16 – 00:35:45:14

Know is getting it.

00:35:48:06 – 00:35:51:10
Matthew Collings
It’s like all of us are like that traveling folk.

00:35:51:11 – 00:35:52:04


00:35:53:00 – 00:36:01:06
Matthew Collings
In that home alone where you’re just like it’s like, man, like we don’t see our families at all. We’re just on the road all the time. And I think you can get.

00:36:01:06 – 00:36:06:22

Caught in that as an entrepreneur if you’re not careful and balance for most people, it’s pretty key right?

00:36:06:22 – 00:36:25:04
Dario Nouri
So you need you need to start delegating stuff. I think that’s the only way to do it because if you’re running your own business, you’re never going to have like up a period of time where you’re like, Oh, I can get everything that I need to get done for this business done today. Like, it’s just a never ending stream of things you need to do.

00:36:25:12 – 00:36:42:14
Dario Nouri
And I think yeah, like if you try to do it yourself, good luck because you’re going to sacrifice time in other places. So I think, yeah, being able to delegate tasks to other people is the only way to really get on top of those things. But there’s always going to be something else that you need to do they just don’t have time for.

00:36:42:14 – 00:37:12:23
Kyrill Lazarov
And because and because of that and because of that, you have to learn to delegate as you mentioned, because before we when we were freelancing basically together, we were basically working all the time, weekends as well. You know, our odd hours as well. And it was just kind of tough to get that balance. As you were mentioning, there was no system in place to kind of separate the work from the personal and once we started delegating more, especially like giving a lot of the editing work to other people to do that, open up so much more time.

00:37:12:23 – 00:37:29:17
Kyrill Lazarov
And that’s why we’re not have the energy to be working on content for ourselves and for like, for example, this podcast show. Because if we were also editing the whole time, when are we going to have the time to do anything else? And like, I feel like one thing we notice with your business is you guys have really grown a huge team.

00:37:29:17 – 00:37:32:19
Kyrill Lazarov
Do you feel like that’s really helped kind of take a lot of the pressure off of you now?

00:37:33:23 – 00:37:37:14
Matthew Collings
Yeah, I think so. And yeah, just having.

00:37:37:14 – 00:37:38:03

Drag ahead.

00:37:38:14 – 00:37:39:21
Matthew Collings
And continuously working on.

00:37:39:21 – 00:37:50:04

Systems and so that like, yeah, it’s great to have somebody happy outside if they’re not doing the job right, then what’s the it’s like, what’s the point? You’re just paying them for something that.

00:37:50:16 – 00:37:55:09
Matthew Collings
It’s, you know, the year something gave you this and then you look at it. Yeah, I just, I.

00:37:55:09 – 00:37:56:09

Just do it and it’s like.

00:37:56:19 – 00:37:57:11
Matthew Collings
You need to.

00:37:57:17 – 00:38:17:10

Take time to build things and, and go, I have an entire workflow from, you know, discovery all the way to the very, very last thing that we do that every single task is detailed out with why we’re doing this, who does this and know links to different apps. We need canned emails.

00:38:17:18 – 00:38:18:24
Matthew Collings
So that we’re just trying to like.

00:38:19:05 – 00:38:21:04

Refine it as best we can.

00:38:22:13 – 00:38:26:11
Matthew Collings
So systems are huge. And then yeah, having and then once you can create those.

00:38:26:11 – 00:38:33:00

Systems and your business is doing okay, you can bring some people in and drop them into those systems and.

00:38:33:08 – 00:38:40:01
Matthew Collings
So that’s been helpful for us and it’s an ongoing process to try to make it work.

00:38:41:10 – 00:38:44:24

But spending time on those systems is push. And so we.

00:38:45:02 – 00:38:46:20
Matthew Collings
Because when we, when we were first.

00:38:48:07 – 00:38:55:16

Kind of in like 20, 13, 14, we got an office wedding business was going amazing and we just finished.

00:38:56:09 – 00:38:58:01
Matthew Collings
We just, we just got full time.

00:38:58:05 – 00:39:04:24

We quit our jobs and then we got an office, we hired like four people five people and we just.

00:39:04:24 – 00:39:06:07
Matthew Collings
Were like, Yeah, let’s do this.

00:39:06:07 – 00:39:16:22

We’re like a big, big time video business somewhere. And it was like totally not the right thing to do. Like, you know, we, we’d have a meeting in our coffee shop being like, hey, all these people.

00:39:16:22 – 00:39:30:16
Matthew Collings
And like we just got way in over our heads, right? And it was just like, totally just vulnerable to being honest. And I and, and we realized, like, we’re not ready for that yet. We might be really busy, but we’re not.

00:39:30:16 – 00:39:38:17

Structured to be able to do it properly, and we need to revamp things. So my partner took on that.

00:39:39:01 – 00:39:39:20
Matthew Collings
That’s why it’s good to have a.

00:39:39:20 – 00:39:41:17

Partner, and we’re kind of wired differently.

00:39:42:04 – 00:39:44:15
Matthew Collings
So he took on the business side.

00:39:44:24 – 00:40:03:19

Figured out all of our financial stuff so that we’re actually being profitable and doing all the right things and taxes and wasn’t a pain in the butt anymore. I worked on systems and I just took over and let all the projects that we had going on and started hiring contractors and bringing people in and working with them really closely to get everything done.

00:40:04:02 – 00:40:05:00
Matthew Collings
And so that’s kind of how we.

00:40:05:00 – 00:40:19:14

Divide it and conquer doing. So we kind of started to create a business that was more profitable and functional and then started contracting people out. So we weren’t worried about paying everybody every single paycheck or we had a slow month or whatever the case was.

00:40:20:06 – 00:40:23:09
Matthew Collings
And that was a great way to go. And then slowly building.

00:40:23:09 – 00:40:27:15

Up to where we can start to then hire people in roles.

00:40:27:15 – 00:40:31:00
Matthew Collings
But yeah, I mean, I love I love contractors though.

00:40:31:00 – 00:40:38:20

It’s great. Like if you can work with people right away and if they’re good at what they do and they can fall into your structure but also bring their own thing into it.

00:40:39:22 – 00:40:40:24
Matthew Collings
You can pay them while they don’t.

00:40:40:24 – 00:40:42:24

Have to pay them any time here.

00:40:43:01 – 00:40:45:11
Matthew Collings
So we love using contractors.

00:40:45:11 – 00:40:45:17


00:40:46:02 – 00:41:01:10
Kyrill Lazarov
It’s good to feel them out too, and get a sense of working with people because there’s nothing worse than hiring someone, you know, because you thought that they would be a good fit. And then when you actually start working with them, it’s like, Oh my God, they’re a nightmare. Whereas with contracting you, you find people that you like oh, like this guy.

00:41:01:10 – 00:41:14:14
Kyrill Lazarov
I think we could actually do something really good together and then, you know, work a little more consistently after that. But how big now is your team kind of guy? And you said you started off with mostly contractors and now is it is it like, what’s the core team?

00:41:15:06 – 00:41:17:19
Matthew Collings
Yeah, I mean, we have Ed, we have.

00:41:17:19 – 00:41:27:01

A marketing manager we have an assistant marketing manager, we have a studio manager. And there’s also like a producer.

00:41:27:02 – 00:41:28:22
Matthew Collings
And says a lot. And then myself.

00:41:29:08 – 00:41:30:10

And John and then.

00:41:30:15 – 00:41:32:19
Matthew Collings
We actually don’t have a DP.

00:41:32:19 – 00:41:36:10

Or like on staff because.

00:41:36:23 – 00:41:37:18
Matthew Collings
We love to.

00:41:37:18 – 00:41:38:01

At some.

00:41:38:01 – 00:41:40:16
Matthew Collings
Point. But I think what we what we’ve done is we’ve both all these great.

00:41:40:16 – 00:41:45:06

Relationships with different cinematographers that have different gear and different styles.

00:41:45:13 – 00:41:50:11
Matthew Collings
And I think for us, it’s been nice to be able to go. We’ve got a project coming up and it says.

00:41:50:11 – 00:41:59:06

It’s but I’ll message the person I think is best for that. I work with all the time and we have a good shorthand with the team and that’s how it works.

00:41:59:14 – 00:42:02:08
Matthew Collings
So that’s been great. So not like a.

00:42:02:08 – 00:42:04:01

Massive team, but definitely like.

00:42:04:13 – 00:42:05:03
Matthew Collings
You know, and we.

00:42:05:03 – 00:42:22:19

Have our regular contractors, like we have assistants behind the scenes guy who comes to all of our shoots. We have makeup people and other producers we work with and other editors we work with. So but our core team is we try to prioritize as what are the daily jobs that it’s hard to contract somebody out.

00:42:23:13 – 00:42:24:21
Matthew Collings
So like Nicole, our studio.

00:42:24:21 – 00:42:26:13

Manager is huge because she’s.

00:42:27:02 – 00:42:28:05
Matthew Collings
She’s the one sending out all.

00:42:28:05 – 00:42:34:17

The invoices she’s the one scheduling thing, she’s the one touching base with clients of the projects, moving along, sending all the emails that.

00:42:34:23 – 00:42:36:17
Matthew Collings
It’s difficult to contract someone like that.

00:42:36:17 – 00:42:38:02

Up because she’s so involved.

00:42:38:13 – 00:42:41:10
Matthew Collings
And everything. And then me, like, I’m.

00:42:41:10 – 00:42:50:20

The creative director, so I oversee all the projects and make sure that creatively they’re all up to par and that we’re meeting the client’s goals and that I’m the.

00:42:50:20 – 00:42:52:09
Matthew Collings
Touch point for the client.

00:42:52:15 – 00:42:52:18


00:42:52:20 – 00:42:55:08
Matthew Collings
Creative side. So those are also like it’s hard to.

00:42:55:08 – 00:43:01:05

Contract something that you know, down the road. We’ll figure out ways to do that. But I’d.

00:43:01:05 – 00:43:02:04
Matthew Collings
Love to really replace.

00:43:02:04 – 00:43:07:23

My job and hire someone to do my job at some point. That’s kind of the big goal, right yeah.

00:43:08:01 – 00:43:09:00
Matthew Collings
So that’s kind of how we have it.

00:43:09:05 – 00:43:10:02

Structured at the moment.

00:43:10:16 – 00:43:17:11
Dario Nouri
So what are you what are you going to do when you’re able to finally replace yourself? Would you just take a step back and just go on a beach yeah.

00:43:17:21 – 00:43:19:19
Matthew Collings
Yeah, totally. Change this.

00:43:19:19 – 00:43:20:09


00:43:20:11 – 00:43:21:08
Matthew Collings
To the Hawaiian.

00:43:21:08 – 00:43:22:05

Beach backdrop.

00:43:22:16 – 00:43:29:07
Matthew Collings
When I’m already there. Yeah, I know. I mean, I love what I do I guess for me, like, I’m always just looking for more time.

00:43:29:08 – 00:43:31:01

Like, that’s always been my big thing.

00:43:31:01 – 00:43:33:14
Matthew Collings
And so if I had someone doing what.

00:43:33:14 – 00:43:52:15

I do daily and an open time up for myself, I can just spend more time working on the business. But I could also take on more passion projects. I think as a director, because that’s one thing that I. I do like being on set, but I want to be doing the kinds of projects that I’m really.

00:43:52:15 – 00:43:55:11
Matthew Collings
Passionate about and we’ve.

00:43:56:06 – 00:44:06:05

In that kind of getting back to that conversation of working on the business, you know, we’re always talking about passion projects and we’ve done a handful over our time but every year we’re.

00:44:06:05 – 00:44:08:03
Matthew Collings
Like, All right, this year big goal.

00:44:08:15 – 00:44:10:10

Passion project, and then we never do it right.

00:44:10:10 – 00:44:12:24
Dario Nouri
So how familiar does that.

00:44:13:16 – 00:44:20:13
Matthew Collings
Yeah, last week. Oh, so this year we, we were like, well, let’s, let’s try to bridge where.

00:44:20:13 – 00:44:40:20

We can create some accountability for ourselves. And so we my partner and I are sort of dividing and conquering. So he’s doing a passion project in the first quarter. I’m doing one in the second quarter. We’ve given ourselves a budget. We’ve we’ve really like made ourselves feel like if you don’t get this done, you’re a terrible person. So I think.

00:44:41:04 – 00:44:51:23
Matthew Collings
It’s great to work and to really add accountability between the two of us. And we’re working on one right now for our company. And you see here where we’re going to Tofino.

00:44:52:05 – 00:45:06:06

And that is like on the end of the island and we’re doing a it’s sort of a beach town and I’m on the west side of Vancouver Island, so we’re doing a shoot there and I’m directing it and he’s sort of taking the lead on the creative and.

00:45:07:05 – 00:45:11:16
Matthew Collings
Yeah, so we’re getting on and, and I think I would just spend.

00:45:11:16 – 00:45:18:02

More time doing that. I think just if I could think about it right now and I, I tell this story, okay, let’s.

00:45:18:02 – 00:45:22:12
Matthew Collings
Let’s just go do it. Team’s doing this and then hopefully the story that I make will help.

00:45:22:12 – 00:45:28:08

Us make more videos like that. Down the road. And then I can actually maybe get paid to direct a big project.

00:45:29:03 – 00:45:33:02
Matthew Collings
So that is exactly the kind of thing I want to be. So yeah.

00:45:34:00 – 00:45:48:23
Dario Nouri
Carol and Ira in the same boat all the time. Like I think at least once a week, we always go like, Oh yeah, so we got to do this this week and that next week. And then one of us always ends up saying, Yeah, but what are we going to find time to do our passion projects?

00:45:49:23 – 00:46:23:02
Kyrill Lazarov
Because one of the challenges is also being able to take the time to figure out what that passion project is, because that’s so much doing it is the issue because it would be very easy to just schedule the day, get the editing done and all that stuff. But it’s a matter of being able to take the time to do the research to figure out what kind of topics you want to kind of explore and things like that in one thing that we want to do is also short documentary work, so and that is more like that’s that needs a little bit more research than simply coming up with just a simple creative idea you know, and

00:46:23:02 – 00:46:27:10
Kyrill Lazarov
just running with it, right? So there’s like a mix of things, but you got to find the time.

00:46:28:08 – 00:46:30:11
Matthew Collings
Yeah, I did a passion project that was.

00:46:30:11 – 00:46:34:04

Like our biggest viewed video, but it was like.

00:46:35:00 – 00:46:37:04
Matthew Collings
I just I didn’t give it really any other.

00:46:37:04 – 00:46:55:01

Thought and just that’s cool. I’ll go do that. And it was for I was like a friend of mine who makes these incredible, like, cakes that look like real things, but their cake and that and we and so we had a little passion project for her and just trying to do exactly what I wanted to do. Not super.

00:46:55:16 – 00:46:56:16
Matthew Collings
Proud of it, but like.

00:46:56:16 – 00:46:59:18

It’s not the kind of video would be on our website now because we did it a long time ago.

00:47:00:02 – 00:47:12:06
Matthew Collings
But like, I didn’t give it much thought in terms of like, oh, what market am I making this for? What, you know, like how can I use this video to attract other business? Like all good questions buyers passion.

00:47:12:06 – 00:47:22:04

I just did it. And, and then it turned into like we got a bunch of solid work with a bunch of different food based companies in Vancouver based on that video.

00:47:23:10 – 00:47:30:20
Matthew Collings
But my approach right now is I kind of had three months before my passion project. So my project is just giving those.

00:47:30:20 – 00:47:33:23

Things you say like, I’ve created tasks for myself to try to think.

00:47:33:23 – 00:47:38:07
Matthew Collings
About those things. So what kind of videos do I love making?

00:47:38:10 – 00:47:42:10

Think about that more. Make a task grab some inspiration, just go.

00:47:42:10 – 00:47:43:20
Matthew Collings
Remember you love making these.

00:47:43:20 – 00:47:49:19

Kinds of videos, and then what kind of industries would would work for these kinds of things and.

00:47:50:20 – 00:47:52:13
Matthew Collings
You just kind of having tasks and sort of.

00:47:52:13 – 00:48:03:24

Help your brain wrap around what kind of passion project you would make so that you’re kind of getting that part of it done. And then and then you get to the idea and then you just kind of make it so.

00:48:05:08 – 00:48:10:13
Matthew Collings
So trying it so well come back to me in a year and see how this will be like, Oh, we did the one. But then.

00:48:10:23 – 00:48:11:12


00:48:13:11 – 00:48:30:20
Dario Nouri
It’s also it’s hard to switch mindsets to, right? Because like, you know, when you are running a business, you’re in the business mode mindset, right? But then if you want to do it like a passion project, you got to switch the creative mindset. And it’s so difficult to do it like we we have trouble doing that for like our work on, on the business.

00:48:30:20 – 00:48:54:15
Dario Nouri
And sometimes we got to do creative stuff and it’s like, but I’ve been working on all this other admin stuff. I can’t switch right away. I like you got to like dedicate the day for that. And it’s, and I think it’s like tenfold the difficult when you’re doing it for something that is like a passion project where it is just like it’s legit, just an extra thing that if you probably have a lot more important stuff you got to do.

00:48:54:15 – 00:49:12:14
Dario Nouri
But also equally as important because they do allow you to again be more imaginative and you can probably well like in your case, you were able to get more, you were able to get work that you probably wouldn’t have gotten through that thing. And you know, there’s opportunities arise from those ventures as well.

00:49:13:08 – 00:49:15:23
Matthew Collings
Yeah. I mean, ultimately you do it because you just.

00:49:16:04 – 00:49:25:12

You want to you’re passionate about filmmaking, but and so that’s the number one thing. But I guess the reason that you do it is to try to get you work in that like.

00:49:26:00 – 00:49:27:06
Matthew Collings
Hey, I made this video.

00:49:27:15 – 00:49:34:07

That I’m so proud of. It’s my favorite thing ever. Pay me to make this for you. And that’s why you do it, right?

00:49:35:03 – 00:49:43:05
Matthew Collings
Yeah. It’s a good point. You bring up lot, I guess, about that balance. And I’m more in that mindset of like because I was doing that for a while where.

00:49:43:05 – 00:49:49:10

I was filming everything, directing everything, but also running the business, doing all the sales calls and, and switching back and forth.

00:49:49:10 – 00:49:58:15
Matthew Collings
And I think I kind of like being like 70 to 80% business sales, that kind of thing, working with the team. And then if I can be.

00:49:58:15 – 00:50:07:11

Like 20% of my year round going on, being creative and focusing on that and creating time for that, then that would be amazing. I think that would be a good balance for me.

00:50:07:11 – 00:50:08:04
Matthew Collings
But you have to.

00:50:08:14 – 00:50:12:06

Do the work and figure out what works for you, right?

00:50:12:09 – 00:50:13:07
Matthew Collings
So maybe you hate.

00:50:13:07 – 00:50:25:15

The business and realizing it’s the great cameraman, maybe this isn’t for me, maybe I should just contract myself out because that’s what I’m happiest doing. I don’t like emailing, I’m not good at it. I don’t like sales.

00:50:25:15 – 00:50:28:12
Matthew Collings
I just spent bring me cool projects that I can just.

00:50:28:12 – 00:50:32:08

Keep and I’d be happy. So I guess it’s about figuring those things out, right?

00:50:32:19 – 00:50:57:08
Kyrill Lazarov
Yeah, because you want to look back and be proud of like some of the work that you’ve done. And you know, every time, like we look back at some of the projects we’ve done, it’s like no other. We’re not happy with the work that we’ve created, but it’s like you’re not going to be super passionate about a financial company giving their quarterly review project, you know, versus, say, a short documentary about wingsuit skydivers.

00:50:57:14 – 00:50:59:12
Kyrill Lazarov
You know, that’s such a huge contrast.

00:50:59:22 – 00:51:02:11

Sounds like a good one. I don’t want to say that. Yeah, but.

00:51:02:11 – 00:51:03:20
Dario Nouri
We can we did it.

00:51:04:02 – 00:51:08:18
Matthew Collings
Yeah. Oh, nice, Danny. Excellent. Yeah. Okay.

00:51:08:20 – 00:51:10:20
Dario Nouri
I know this is not on the website right now.

00:51:10:21 – 00:51:11:05


00:51:11:05 – 00:51:12:06
Kyrill Lazarov
Okay, we’ll send you a link.

00:51:12:17 – 00:51:29:14
Dario Nouri
Then we’ll send you the Vimeo link for it. We redid our whole website, so it just didn’t fit any, like any particular spot that a client would be interested in clicking on. So we kind of just remove that from there. Sometimes we have to do that because it’s like you got to look at your website through the eyes of a client.

00:51:30:09 – 00:51:44:14
Dario Nouri
I feel like a lot of people don’t do that. Like it’s you’ll just see a bunch of stuff and you’re like, you’re like clients don’t know what that means and they don’t care. Like, you just need to give them the information that they, they can understand.

00:51:45:10 – 00:52:08:22
Kyrill Lazarov
That’s, that’s important to them especially. And you know, one thing that you mentioned about like making the time for the creative, you know, I’m just even thinking to myself right now, like Darren, I’ve talked about like picking out like days or like times within the weeks or we just simply don’t focus on anything business related, just kind of like watch some like creative projects, you know, like critique, you know, learn and just like brainstorm ideas, which is, which is good to have.

00:52:09:15 – 00:52:21:22
Kyrill Lazarov
We do that. Let’s say we do that for like two, 3 hours and all of a sudden Client A is calling with a crisis, then client B is calling the other one from in another case, it’s like, oh, no, you have to put out these fires and boom.

00:52:22:08 – 00:52:23:10

Those are the creative time.

00:52:23:21 – 00:52:34:10
Matthew Collings
And well, I think at San Diego is today. Do we I don’t know, maybe you guys we can only do is that I guess as a meeting. So I’ve been thinking about that.

00:52:34:11 – 00:52:48:06
Dario Nouri
I know if we’re a little more old school, but all that stuff like we don’t use a CRM or we should I know there’s a bug really just like Trello and I read like I think we just use Slack to communicate with each other and, and just everything else is like pretty.

00:52:48:24 – 00:52:52:02
Matthew Collings
Yeah. I mean, I’ll say though, just to kind of like because yeah, I mean I’m, I’m.

00:52:52:02 – 00:52:57:10

Not super technologically sound with more my partner and those kinds of tools, but.

00:52:59:00 – 00:53:04:22
Matthew Collings
You know, I feel like you spend your way so much time if you’re not, if you’re not disciplined, but if you’re not if you’re not.

00:53:04:22 – 00:53:06:02

Organized and.

00:53:06:16 – 00:53:07:13
Matthew Collings
If you can go into your.

00:53:07:13 – 00:53:24:09

Calendar and block out time and go, you know, every Thursday we’re going to get together, we’re going to have give ourselves 3 hours where we have a coffee and we come to the meeting with some things in mind to create that accountability. And then we just get into it and just forget about everything else and make it sacred.

00:53:24:09 – 00:53:27:06
Matthew Collings
Like unless one of the cameras is on.

00:53:27:06 – 00:53:32:24

Fire and it set the building on fire, one of the shoots we have going on, we’re not going to take any other calls that this is.

00:53:32:24 – 00:53:42:18
Matthew Collings
Important. It’s so hard to do that. But I give you use it like how come they can have a calendar sponsored brought to you by calendar and.

00:53:43:05 – 00:53:45:03
Dario Nouri
Use code map for 10%?

00:53:45:03 – 00:53:53:04
Matthew Collings
Ask Oh, well, the great thing about a tool like that in terms of being efficient is you can go in and create those blocks.

00:53:53:04 – 00:53:54:12

In your calendar and go like.

00:53:54:24 – 00:53:58:03
Matthew Collings
Clients are going to try to book calls with me and I’m only going to show.

00:53:58:03 – 00:54:00:04

Them timezone free. And.

00:54:00:14 – 00:54:03:15
Matthew Collings
And when we first started using it, we were like, we stopped.

00:54:03:15 – 00:54:13:23

Using it because we found it was too complicated. But then we realized we just weren’t organized well enough in our actual calendar. So by being more organized than it actually then really worked well.

00:54:14:08 – 00:54:22:15
Matthew Collings
We were also thinking like, oh, we’re sending people a link and then if there’s no tags available, they’re going to be like, well, these guys are, are too busy to take a meeting with me or.

00:54:22:15 – 00:54:23:02


00:54:23:21 – 00:54:26:18
Matthew Collings
If you give yourself. But that actually turns out to be a good thing.

00:54:26:18 – 00:54:28:05

I find these clients go.

00:54:28:13 – 00:54:34:08
Matthew Collings
Oh, these guys are busy and there’s only a few slots that I can book, and it’s almost like it’s more desirable.

00:54:34:08 – 00:54:34:19

In a way.

00:54:34:19 – 00:54:39:08
Matthew Collings
So so I’ll block out time if I’m just like too busy and then I’ll.

00:54:39:08 – 00:54:46:06

Go like, don’t bug me. And unless something’s burning down and I’m here doing this and you know.

00:54:46:13 – 00:54:47:00
Matthew Collings
I still get.

00:54:47:00 – 00:54:48:20

Pulled a thousand different directions.

00:54:48:20 – 00:54:51:07
Matthew Collings
Do, but we just got to figure out ways to kind of.

00:54:51:14 – 00:54:52:23

Make that time important. So.

00:54:53:17 – 00:54:57:10
Dario Nouri
You know, we’re going to do, we’re going to add that to the ever growing list of things we need to do.

00:54:57:10 – 00:55:02:05
Kyrill Lazarov
Another thing to do, get a calendar organizer and to organize.

00:55:02:08 – 00:55:13:02
Matthew Collings
Organize to get a calendar organizer. Well, if you’re looking for an affordable and efficient calendar, I suggest counly, I need another camera here. I can turn two and go.

00:55:13:02 – 00:55:19:16
Dario Nouri
Currently teaching this kind of. Oh, there’s my checkbook. Good. Right?

00:55:21:16 – 00:55:24:07
Matthew Collings
But yeah, I mean, those that’s kind of where my part like I said earlier.

00:55:24:07 – 00:55:26:08

That’s where my partner came in and was like, where.

00:55:26:08 – 00:55:30:15
Matthew Collings
Are we at a fishing net that he’s like, Matt, can you just, like, take care of all.

00:55:30:15 – 00:55:47:08

Of our clients and projects? And I don’t I’m not even going to look at anything. Give me like three months. And I was like, right. So and I kind of love them because I like to being involved in the projects and working with the clients. And then he did things like that. I mean, this calendar thing is a problem, like wasting all this time.

00:55:47:08 – 00:55:48:11

What can we do? And he just.

00:55:48:11 – 00:55:51:19
Matthew Collings
Like, figured all that stuff out and then we were able to.

00:55:51:19 – 00:55:54:09

Sort of build off of that over the long haul.

00:55:54:09 – 00:55:55:19
Matthew Collings
And so those little things.

00:55:55:19 – 00:55:56:23

Definitely save time.

00:55:57:01 – 00:56:00:11
Matthew Collings
And then every revisiting every so often and going, no, really inefficient here.

00:56:00:11 – 00:56:07:17

I waste so much time with this. Like, how can I implement a system where this is going to save me time? Because, yeah.

00:56:08:03 – 00:56:08:18
Matthew Collings
That’s the worst.

00:56:10:03 – 00:56:21:20
Kyrill Lazarov
Yeah. I think we’ve been meaning to do Kalani for a while and definitely this is a little bit of a, of the universe reminding us that it’s like let’s kind of nudge into you know, getting a little more organized like this. So.

00:56:21:20 – 00:56:26:10
Matthew Collings
That’s right. Yeah, you got to commit all these things I think can work if you’re.

00:56:26:10 – 00:56:39:15

Committed to making them work, if you’re just kind of like passing it, it’s often these tools don’t work and then you hate the tool, but you realize that actually I probably didn’t do it that really, you know, so I can give it a fair shake, but some.

00:56:40:05 – 00:56:42:08
Matthew Collings
Yeah. Yeah. Oh.

00:56:44:01 – 00:56:48:00
Dario Nouri
Okay. I can’t believe we’re already at the one hour mark.

00:56:48:01 – 00:56:57:17
Kyrill Lazarov
Yeah, that did not feel like there was one hour before we before we kind of like start to wrap things up. One thing we like to ask all of our guests is like, how did you guys come up with the name.

00:56:59:01 – 00:57:06:06
Matthew Collings
Oh, man. Well, I think we both have different stories, but it’s so long ago and it those kind of like we’ve.

00:57:06:14 – 00:57:15:17

You know, we’ve been sort of toying with changing the name. But I think it’s one of those things where so many people notices that we’ve had a hard time rebranding.

00:57:15:17 – 00:57:27:14
Matthew Collings
But we were basically I think we were just starting out and we had maybe just filmed one wedding or something and we didn’t know what we were really doing. And then we were looking at the footage all excited because like we did, we.

00:57:28:01 – 00:57:32:07

Actually filmed something. And I think John was like, wow, we.

00:57:32:07 – 00:57:34:06
Matthew Collings
Really captured the moment. And then we both looked at.

00:57:34:06 – 00:57:35:06

Each other like, Oh.

00:57:35:18 – 00:57:39:14
Matthew Collings
That’s really, really goofy party moment. But then I guess.

00:57:39:14 – 00:57:41:24

With the start and then we just started following some of that.

00:57:42:17 – 00:57:47:01
Matthew Collings
I think it was kind of representing who we are in the.

00:57:47:01 – 00:57:50:15

Sense that we try to do stuff that’s I mean, we.

00:57:50:15 – 00:57:51:16
Matthew Collings
Abbreviate, we kind of.

00:57:51:23 – 00:57:55:15

CTM, I think, more often to kind of keep it more casual and find.

00:57:55:15 – 00:57:57:17
Matthew Collings
But I think we try to create.

00:57:58:13 – 00:57:59:12

An authenticity.

00:57:59:12 – 00:58:02:23
Matthew Collings
And everything we do, and we try to make it feel honest.

00:58:02:23 – 00:58:24:19

Even in our commercial work, we don’t want to have work that’s super corporate and really like, you know, we want to we want things to feel a little bit more like in the moment and a little bit more candid and but like also, you know, really thought out and well planned out. So I guess that’s kind of why we have our name as what we have it.

00:58:24:19 – 00:58:38:20
Kyrill Lazarov
But nice. They got a lot of the it’s always nice to hear these stories of like how it’s sometimes it’s always like a simple thing in passing where people came up with a name. Sometimes it surprises how simple it is or how complex the thing, man.

00:58:39:15 – 00:58:41:16
Matthew Collings
Yeah. I mean, I wish we had like a proper.

00:58:41:16 – 00:58:49:22

Marketing person to guide us. When we first started out, we were just a couple of dates you know, just being like, I know this is going to kind of start, but.

00:58:50:18 – 00:58:51:00
Matthew Collings
It’s the.

00:58:51:18 – 00:58:56:01
Dario Nouri
Same exact same exact story. A couple of dudes are all like, We got to come up with a name.

00:58:57:04 – 00:59:19:17
Kyrill Lazarov
Again to get it started because it’s it’s funny, you mentioned you’ve thought about rebranding because we’ve thought about it many times before, and then it’s like, do we really also want to add a lot more work to redoing everything that we’ve done? Everyone knows by this name, and especially you guys, you’ve been around for like 12 years. Like if you were to change your name, like how can use there people are going to be that have worked with you in the.

00:59:19:17 – 00:59:23:02
Dario Nouri
Back row, not just, not just people, but Google Group.

00:59:23:24 – 00:59:35:06
Matthew Collings
You guys what the heck? That’s it. So I think I usually ask clients in the call, like, How did you guys find us? Usually it’s Google. I mean, you know, we get a lot of.

00:59:35:06 – 00:59:41:09

Referrals do and things like that. But if it’s a brand new pie, that’s often like a search tool and we pop up pretty fast.

00:59:41:09 – 00:59:44:16
Matthew Collings
And if you change your name and you got into all that.

00:59:45:00 – 00:59:52:09
Dario Nouri
Make Google, it’ll take you to get back. Don’t even try it. Don’t even think about it. Google would get.

00:59:52:09 – 00:59:59:01
Kyrill Lazarov
Upset. If you make it mad with this and say, I come by, come, I throw you at the bottom of the Google search results.

00:59:59:17 – 01:00:01:09
Dario Nouri
And they’ll do it. That’s not a threat.

01:00:01:09 – 01:00:09:21
Matthew Collings
Tony Soprano. Yeah, awesome. Well, this is fun, guys. Thanks for having me on. It was a it was really great to talk to you guys.

01:00:10:13 – 01:00:10:22
Dario Nouri
Mike well.

01:00:11:00 – 01:00:29:21
Kyrill Lazarov
Thank you for joining us. You know, like, I honestly like thank you for sharing your story. And, you know, like, it’s it’s crazy here, like all these, like, interesting backgrounds of how everyone kind of got started. And as we mentioned before, in previous episodes, you know, it’s like we’ve all had similar struggles and it’s sometimes funny to just, you know, geek out about it at times, right?

01:00:29:22 – 01:00:37:13
Matthew Collings
Yeah. Well, that’s the thing. I mean, my, my especially when COVID hit and you’re not out as much. It’s like my poor wife.

01:00:38:13 – 01:00:40:11

She’s the only person I can vent to or it’s.

01:00:41:01 – 01:00:46:06
Matthew Collings
Just I’ve heard all these things a thousand times, and I’m not like, yeah, yeah.

01:00:46:13 – 01:00:52:02
Dario Nouri
Yeah, that’s it. They say they always go like, I know you told me. You already warned me.

01:00:52:02 – 01:01:03:11
Matthew Collings
This is three times already in the last three months become my only one year when I is to work on a TV show. And we had like, ah, you know, it was people would have like smoke break.

01:01:03:11 – 01:01:07:21

So they go outside and they’d talk and because you’re still kind of in a, in a space, but.

01:01:08:03 – 01:01:12:14
Matthew Collings
That like this kind of work you do like if you’re an editor or if you’re like spend a lot.

01:01:12:14 – 01:01:18:13

Of your time away from the office, like there’s nobody to talk to and we just share stories with.

01:01:18:13 – 01:01:22:06
Matthew Collings
And so it’s great to be able to talk to other guys that have been in similar situations.

01:01:22:06 – 01:01:29:04

It makes you feel like, you know, whatever I’m doing, I other people have been through and you know, I can get some tips or I can.

01:01:29:12 – 01:01:31:14
Matthew Collings
Get some I can just relate to somebody and it.

01:01:31:14 – 01:01:33:01

Kind of just makes it easier to keep.

01:01:33:11 – 01:01:35:13
Matthew Collings
Checking through us. So, yeah.

01:01:36:13 – 01:01:52:18
Kyrill Lazarov
We’re not alone like we all go through. Like I feel like all production companies go through like 90, 90 to 95% of the same issues. And challenges, you know, everyone thinks is unique to them. It’s like it is not for them, but it’s not a unique issue, you.

01:01:52:18 – 01:01:53:05
Matthew Collings
Know, like.

01:01:53:20 – 01:01:56:01
Dario Nouri
Pain and suffering is common we’ve all gone.

01:01:56:22 – 01:02:05:01
Matthew Collings
Oh yeah. And you sort of get to a point with some things where you try a bunch of stuff and you go like, there’s just no solution. Like this is just the way it is. And then you kind of.

01:02:05:01 – 01:02:08:05

Have to stop yourself and go, there’s got to be a solution.

01:02:08:05 – 01:02:24:00
Matthew Collings
And thankfully, like with things like this podcast with somebody, there is this podcast and they go gallantly. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. And so there’s little things that. Yeah, percent cooperation. Yeah, yeah. So it’s.

01:02:24:09 – 01:02:28:17
Dario Nouri
Continuous. I’m convinced you work for Kalinda. We want to get to.

01:02:28:17 – 01:02:30:04
Kyrill Lazarov
Writing it after every, like, ten.

01:02:30:04 – 01:02:30:16
Matthew Collings

01:02:31:16 – 01:02:32:19

Man. Go through it.

01:02:33:13 – 01:02:33:23
Dario Nouri

01:02:34:18 – 01:02:36:20
Matthew Collings
Like, I need to have, like, this sticker on my.

01:02:37:05 – 01:02:39:17

On my pocket. I’m just discreetly drinking it.

01:02:40:03 – 01:02:42:20
Matthew Collings
But we’re not going to do it.

01:02:44:24 – 01:02:59:11
Dario Nouri
I feel like I, I feel like we actually have to mention in this on YouTube, it’s like this episode is not sponsored like that. You can be is going to have, but we can accept proposals.

01:02:59:20 – 01:03:18:19
Matthew Collings
Lee Yeah. No, I mean, that’s, that’s why it’s great. And thanks again for doing this because I think these are the kinds of things that build a community, but also just say it just gives people resources to be more successful. And if other filmmakers can get tips from other people’s experiences and help grow their business, it only so that helps us.

01:03:18:19 – 01:03:19:08

All right.

01:03:19:10 – 01:03:23:11
Matthew Collings
So so yeah. Thanks guys. Is awesome. Awesome.

01:03:23:11 – 01:03:25:04
Dario Nouri
Yeah. Yeah, no worries. Thank you again for coming on.

01:03:25:18 – 01:03:33:02
Kyrill Lazarov
Thanks again. And we’ll we’ll be in touch. You know, we’ll we’ll check in again in a year. And see where that creative project is that right?

01:03:35:08 – 01:03:37:21
Matthew Collings
Yes, exactly. I’ll I’ll make something good.

01:03:38:00 – 01:03:39:18

To make it sound like we did it. But holding.

01:03:39:21 – 01:03:41:18
Kyrill Lazarov
Accountable now you have to do it.

01:03:43:22 – 01:03:45:02
Matthew Collings
Again. Thanks, guys.

01:03:45:14 – 01:03:46:10
Dario Nouri
Okay. Thank you.

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