The DMZ NFT Gift from LAPSE

LAPSE Productions is proud to present The DMZ with 100 minted artwork copies created by Dreamdoodle.

LAPSE Productions decided to create this piece to represent our creative collaborations with The DMZ on countless video projects.

Custom Dreamdoodle art piece commissioned by Lapse Productions and gifted to DMZ.
Here’s a close up of our #nft gift to The DMZ!

Within it we have outlined The DMZ’s core values – Equity Over Everything, Founders First and Be Great – along with setting it in the heart of Toronto, where The DMZ began. LAPSE felt that Dreamdoodle’s art style would be a perfect compliment since doodle artists use their instinct to create an artistic flow within the blank canvas. This is similar to how The DMZ fosters entrepreneurs that use their instincts to develop creative solutions.

Lapse Productions presenting the DMZ staff with a Dreamdoodle drawing.
Dario Nouri and Kyrill Lazarov presenting their gift to Abdullah Snobar and Natasha Campagna

We minted this piece on the Polygon blockchain on The reason we used the Polygon blockchain instead of Ethereum is because Polygon has zero transaction fees whereas Ethereum has high transaction fees due to its congestion. You can view the collection on our Opensea account. We will be keeping several of them as a cool reminder of this moment.

Thank you to Dreamdoodle for creating an absolutely stunning art piece (seriously if you need any commissioned art works, live paintings, murals, graphic design work, etc then contact her) – Lastly, thank you to the the team at DMZ for being the best to collaborate with!

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