Best Father’s Day Commercials (2024)

As Father’s Day approaches, brands around the globe tap into the power of storytelling to celebrate the profound influence fathers have on our lives. At Lapse Productions, we’ve witnessed the remarkable ability of video ads to evoke emotions, tell compelling stories, and create lasting impressions. This year, we’ve seen a range of advertisements that beautifully capture the essence of fatherhood, each unique in its approach but equally impactful.

In this blog post, we’ve curated a selection of the best Father’s Day video ads that not only stand out in their creative execution but also in their ability to connect with audiences on a deeper level. From heartwarming narratives to innovative production techniques, these ads showcase the art of video storytelling at its finest. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next video project or simply want to enjoy some of the most touching tributes to fathers, you’re in for a treat.

Let’s dive into the world of emotional storytelling and explore what makes these Father’s Day ads unforgettable.

The Significance of Father’s Day in Marketing

Before we dive into our top Father’s Day video ads, let’s understand why this occasion is a golden opportunity for brands. Father’s Day isn’t just a day to celebrate dads; it’s a significant event in the marketing calendar, marked by consumer enthusiasm and substantial spending.

In 2024, consumers were expected to spend a record-high $22.9 billion on Father’s Day, showcasing a remarkable increase from $20.1 billion in 2021. This surge reflects not only the growing importance of the day but also the willingness of consumers to make it special through their purchases. A striking 75% of consumers planned to partake in Father’s Day celebrations, with an average spending of $196.23 per person on gifts, ranging from special outings and apparel to gift cards and electronics.

Reflecting on 2022, we saw consumers allocate about $3.8 billion specifically for special outings, underscoring the value of experiences in Father’s Day celebrations. Spending patterns also revealed intriguing demographic insights; for instance, male consumers were expected to spend more than female consumers, with significant regional variations in spending habits.

Interestingly, when asked about their preferred gifts, dads expressed a wide range of desires, from practical tools and hobby items to more experiential gifts like alcoholic beverages or breakfast in bed. However, about 30% of fathers showed a clear preference for cards or special experiences, highlighting the emotional and experiential aspect of gift-giving.

This data not only underscores the economic impact of Father’s Day but also the profound personal significance it holds for families across the United States. For brands, these insights offer a blueprint for connecting with their audience through meaningful, thoughtful, and engaging video content.

1. Ryan Reynolds’ “The Vasectomy” for Aviation Gin

Overview and Brand: This Father’s Day, Ryan Reynolds, celebrated actor and co-owner of Aviation Gin, introduced a unique cocktail named “The Vasectomy.” Known for his wit, Reynolds humorously claims this drink to be “the mother of all cocktails,” aligning perfectly with the brand’s clever and engaging marketing style.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Narrative and Humor: Reynolds uses the cocktail-making process as a metaphor for fatherhood, combining dry humor with the genuine aspects of being a parent.
  • Visual and Verbal Irony: The ad’s charm lies in its sarcastic yet affectionate portrayal of parenthood, enhanced by Reynolds’ delivery and the exaggerated pouring of gin, symbolizing the ‘overflowing’ nature of fatherly duties.

Why It Works:

  • Relatability and Engagement: The ad’s sarcastic take on fatherhood resonates with parents familiar with the highs and lows of raising children, making it both relatable and memorable.
  • Brand Personality: By leveraging Reynolds’ humor and the high-quality reputation of Aviation Gin, the ad reinforces the brand’s identity as innovative and premium, yet accessible and down-to-earth.
  • Call to Action: Viewers are not only entertained but are also tempted to try making “The Vasectomy” themselves, cleverly promoting the product through interactive engagement.

Despite its humorous approach, the ad thoughtfully celebrates fatherhood, depicting it as a role filled with joy and challenges, much like the drink itself—refreshing, complex, and ultimately rewarding. This clever campaign exemplifies how brands can use humor and relatability to forge a deeper connection with their audience, making Aviation Gin’s Father’s Day ad a memorable standout.

2. The Glenlivet’s Celebration of Diverse Fatherhood

Overview and Brand: In a bold move away from conventional masculine portrayals, The Glenlivet’s Father’s Day campaign challenges traditional stereotypes associated with fatherhood. The Scotch whisky brand collaborated with an AI, notably ChatGPT, to craft a narrative that initially leans into clichéd scenarios of father-son bonding. The resulting ad, however, turns the script on its head by showcasing real-life families reacting to these scenarios, opening up heartfelt discussions about the true essence of being a dad.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Stereotype Challenge: By starting with a typical father-sons camping trip narrative and then juxtaposing it with real family interactions, The Glenlivet pushes against outdated masculine tropes.
  • Authentic Engagement: The ad’s authenticity shines as real families discuss what fatherhood means to them, moving beyond stereotypes to embrace a more inclusive understanding of the role.

Why It Works:

  • Cultural Relevance: At a time when societal norms and roles are rapidly evolving, The Glenlivet’s ad resonates by acknowledging and celebrating the diversity of fatherhood experiences.
  • Brand Mission Alignment: The campaign aligns with The Glenlivet’s broader mission to challenge and redefine norms within the Scotch whisky industry and beyond, positioning the brand as both forward-thinking and socially aware.
  • Engagement Strategy: Utilizing platforms from June 5 to June 18 across The Glenlivet’s paid and owned channels, the campaign is strategically timed and distributed to maximize visibility and impact.

Johan Radojewski’s statement underscores the brand’s commitment to showcasing the multifaceted nature of modern fatherhood, aligning perfectly with Father’s Day’s spirit. By inviting viewers into these genuine discussions, The Glenlivet not only celebrates fatherhood in all its forms but also fosters a deeper connection with its audience. This approach not only elevates the brand’s image but also sets a new standard for how companies can engage with cultural conversations in meaningful ways.

3. Prostate Cancer UK’s “Ode to Dads”

Overview and Brand: Prostate Cancer UK, in collaboration with creative agency BBH, unveils a poignant campaign titled “Ode to Dads,” serving as both a heartfelt tribute to fathers and a powerful call to action against prostate cancer. The campaign’s centerpiece, a two-minute hero film, captures the quintessence of dad-hood—complete with its quirks, warmth, and unconditional love—set against the emotive backdrop of the song “She’s the One.”

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Authentic Representation: The ad celebrates authentic dad moments, from the hilariously inept to the deeply tender, offering a broad spectrum of fatherly love and care.
  • Emotional Appeal: By juxtaposing everyday father-child interactions with the stark reminder of prostate cancer’s impact, the campaign strikes a deep emotional chord, emphasizing what’s at stake.

Why It Works:

  • Relatability and Impact: Showcasing a variety of fatherly behaviors makes the campaign highly relatable to a wide audience, enhancing its emotional impact and the urgency of its message.
  • Awareness and Action: The call to visit Prostate Cancer UK’s website for Father’s Day not only aims to educate but also to encourage proactive engagement, highlighting how early detection can save lives.
  • Targeted Audience Engagement: Specifically appealing to those with fathers over 50, the campaign smartly addresses its core demographic, urging them to consider the health of their aging parents.

Prostate Cancer UK’s campaign transcends traditional advertising, weaving together humor, love, and a sobering reality check about prostate cancer’s toll. “Ode to Dads” is more than an ad; it’s a reminder of the invaluable role fathers play in our lives and the importance of cherishing and protecting those relationships. Through its candid depiction of fatherhood and its life-saving message, the campaign not only honors dads but also mobilizes viewers towards a critical cause, making it an exemplary Father’s Day tribute.

4. Jason Momoa | Canvas of My Life | Carhartt Handmade Films

Overview and Brand: In a heartfelt collaboration with Carhartt Handmade Films, Jason Momoa presents “Fathers On Fatherhood,” a touching short film that delves into the profound impact of fatherhood. Following his previous work, “Canvas Of My Life,” Momoa continues to explore themes of family and paternal love, underscoring the importance of these bonds through the lens of various fathers from different walks of life.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Diverse Perspectives: The film features interviews with fathers like professional skateboarder Christian Hosoi, musician Michael Hayes, artist Blaine Halvorson, and motorcycle craftsman Jeremiah Armenta, each sharing their unique insights on what being a dad means to them.
  • Emotional Depth: The narrative is deeply personal and resonant, emphasizing the importance of being present and making the most of every moment with one’s children.

Why It Works:

  • Authenticity and Relatability: Momoa’s genuine approach and the inclusion of real-life stories from diverse fathers make the film incredibly relatable and moving.
  • Inspirational Message: The film’s focus on the significance of living in the moment and inspiring one’s children strikes a chord with viewers, offering a refreshing take on fatherhood that goes beyond traditional roles and expectations.
  • Celebration of Fatherhood: By showcasing the joys and challenges of fatherhood, the film celebrates the role of dads in their children’s lives, inspiring viewers to reflect on their relationships with their own fathers or as fathers themselves.

“Fathers On Fatherhood” is a testament to Jason Momoa’s commitment to family and his belief in the transformative power of fatherhood. It’s a film that not only celebrates dads but also challenges and inspires viewers to think about what it means to be a present and engaged father. Through its authentic storytelling and emotional depth, the film encourages a deeper appreciation for the everyday moments that define paternal love.

5. Dollar Shave Club’s “Manifique: A Father’s Day Gift”

Overview and Brand: Dollar Shave Club takes a celebratory leap into Father’s Day with “Manifique: A Father’s Day Gift,” an ad that embraces and celebrates the diversity of the dad bod. With its trademark blend of humor and inclusivity, the brand showcases its first-ever DadBod Gift Set, designed to pamper every dad regardless of his shape or size. The campaign is a vibrant ode to dads everywhere, promoting body positivity and the joy of grooming.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Celebration of Diversity: Through a catchy and visually engaging presentation, the ad highlights various forms of the dad bod, from the subtly soft to the proudly plump.
  • Humor and Engagement: The use of an original song, “Dadbod,” paired with a group of men dancing in towels and underwear, injects humor and charm into the campaign, making it memorable and shareable.

Why It Works:

  • Inclusivity and Body Positivity: At a time when body image continues to be a widespread discussion, Dollar Shave Club’s message of acceptance and celebration of all body types resonates strongly with audiences.
  • Product Highlight: By centering the ad around the DadBod Gift Set, Dollar Shave Club cleverly ties the celebration of fatherhood and body positivity to its product range, making it not just an ad but a solution for Father’s Day gifting.
  • Brand Consistency: This campaign follows in the footsteps of Dollar Shave Club’s ongoing commitment to realness and relatability in advertising, further solidifying its brand identity as one that champions diversity and humor.

“Manifique: A Father’s Day Gift” stands out for its ability to blend product promotion with a heartfelt celebration of dads of all shapes and sizes. It reassures viewers that no matter their physique, they are welcome and valued, echoing the brand’s inclusive ethos. This campaign is a testament to Dollar Shave Club’s innovative approach to advertising, making it a perfect inclusion in a roundup of memorable Father’s Day ads.

6. Michelob ULTRA’s “Dear #ULTRADAD”

Overview and Brand: Michelob ULTRA, in its Father’s Day campaign “Dear #ULTRADAD,” highlights the invaluable impact of father figures through a moving film that showcases three heartfelt stories of gratitude towards mentors, coaches, and father figures. This initiative, aligned with Michelob ULTRA’s commitment to celebrating a balanced lifestyle of fitness and fun, underscores the brand’s appreciation for the guiding lights in our lives.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Emotional Storytelling: The campaign centers around a film where individuals surprise their father figures with letters of thanks, showcasing the profound influence these mentors have on their lives.
  • Community Engagement: Encouraging consumers to share their tributes using the hashtag #ULTRADAD, Michelob ULTRA fosters a sense of community and collective appreciation for father figures across social media platforms.

Why It Works:

  • Resonant Messaging: The campaign’s focus on the balance between living fit and fun resonates deeply with the brand’s audience, further enhanced by the emotional depth of the stories shared.
  • Partnership and Impact: By partnering with Up2Us Sports, Michelob ULTRA not only celebrates father figures but also supports an organization dedicated to creating lasting impacts through coaching and mentorship in sports.
  • Extended Engagement: Beyond the film, Michelob ULTRA broadens the campaign’s reach with a custom online store for Father’s Day gifts and an innovative “ULTRA Dad Open” golf tournament, offering consumers unique ways to celebrate and engage.

Michelob ULTRA’s “Dear #ULTRADAD” campaign stands out for its heartfelt tribute to father figures and its clever integration of brand values with genuine stories of appreciation and community involvement. By weaving together the narratives of mentorship, gratitude, and celebration, Michelob ULTRA delivers a powerful message about the significance of father figures in fostering balance and joy in life.

7. Dove Men+Care’s “#DearFutureDads”

Overview and Brand: Dove Men+Care takes a stand on a significant societal issue with its Father’s Day campaign, “#DearFutureDads.” This initiative underlines the brand’s commitment to celebrating the positive influence fathers have, not only within their families but also in the broader community. By advocating for paternity leave, Dove Men+Care champions the essential role dads play in caregiving, reinforcing the message that when dads are supported to care, everyone benefits.

YouTube video

Key Features:

  • Advocacy for Paternity Leave: At the heart of this campaign is a powerful call to action for broader support and implementation of paternity leave policies, emphasizing the importance of fathers being present during the crucial early stages of their children’s lives.
  • Emphasis on Care: Dove Men+Care consistently positions itself as a brand that values the caring aspect of masculinity. This campaign further cements that positioning by highlighting the nurturing role of fathers.

Why It Works:

  • Cultural Relevance: The campaign taps into an ongoing conversation about gender roles and parental leave, making it highly relevant and timely.
  • Brand Consistency: Dove Men+Care has built a reputation around themes of real beauty and real care. Advocating for paternity leave aligns perfectly with its brand values, reinforcing its commitment to a more inclusive and caring world.
  • Emotional Engagement: By focusing on the emotional benefits of paternity leave for families, the campaign creates a strong emotional connection with its audience, potentially influencing public opinion and policy on this issue.

Dove Men+Care’s “#DearFutureDads” campaign goes beyond traditional Father’s Day messages by addressing an issue that has long-term implications for fathers, families, and society at large. It’s a poignant reminder of the brand’s dedication to promoting a culture where caring is celebrated and encouraged, making it a standout in the landscape of Father’s Day advertising.

When to Create Your Father’s Day Ad Campaign

The success of your Father’s Day ad campaign hinges significantly on its timing. To truly resonate with your audience, it’s imperative to kickstart the creative process well in advance. We recommend initiating your campaign planning 2-3 months before Father’s Day. This timeframe allows for thorough ideation, meticulous production, and strategic distribution, ensuring that your ad doesn’t just reach your audience but also engages them meaningfully.

As for the production timeline, a well-structured video ad typically requires around four weeks from conception to completion. This schedule encompasses all critical stages of video production, including:

  • Pre-Production: Concept development, scriptwriting, and logistical planning.
  • Production: Filming the content, capturing the raw footage.
  • Post-Production: Editing, adding visual effects, sound design, and finalizing the video.

Understanding the intricacies of video production is crucial for anyone looking to create impactful video content. If you’re new to this process or seeking to deepen your knowledge, we invite you to explore our comprehensive guide: “How a Video is Made”. This resource is designed to demystify the video creation process, offering valuable insights and tips to ensure your Father’s Day campaign is a resounding success.


This Father’s Day, brands have once again set the bar high, presenting a diverse array of video ads that not only celebrate fatherhood but also push the boundaries of storytelling, creativity, and social impact. From Ryan Reynolds’ humorously refreshing take with Aviation Gin to The Glenlivet’s stereotype-defying campaign, each ad brings a unique flavor to the celebration of dads across the globe. Prostate Cancer UK’s heartfelt “Ode to Dads,” Jason Momoa’s genuine “Fathers On Fatherhood,” Dollar Shave Club’s body-positive “Manifique,” Michelob ULTRA’s touching “#ULTRADAD,” and Dove Men+Care’s advocacy for paternity leave all showcase the evolving landscape of Father’s Day advertising. These campaigns highlight the importance of father figures in our lives, the diversity of fatherhood, and the societal shifts towards more inclusive and representative depictions of dads.

As we reflect on these creative endeavors, it’s clear that the essence of Father’s Day advertising lies in its ability to connect, resonate, and engage with audiences on a deeply emotional level. These ads remind us of the pivotal role fathers and father figures play in our personal development and the collective experience of family and community.

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