Using Voice-Overs in Video Production

In the high-paced world of video production, where visuals are often the showstopper, there’s another hero that holds the power to truly bring a story to life – the voice-over. At Lapse Productions, we’ve mastered the art of blending stunning visuals with captivating sound, having honed our craft through years of experience. With a keen understanding of how integral voice-overs are in weaving the narrative together, our expert team specializes in creating videos that not only capture the eyes but also resonate with the audience’s hearts. Whether you’re looking to produce documentaries, commercials, educational content, or animated movies, Lapse Productions knows how to employ voice-overs to ensure your content engages and captivates.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the art of voice-over, revealing its significance and sharing insights on how to utilize it effectively in your video production. Dive in with us, as we unlock the secrets to compelling storytelling through voice.

Understanding Voice-Over:

Voice-over (VO) is a production technique where a voice, not part of the on-screen narrative, is used to convey information or commentary. This voice can be that of a character or a narrator. An excellent voice-over enhances the story, sets the tone, and can even become the identity of a brand.

An image featuring a voice-over artist in a recording studio. The artist is positioned in front of a microphone with headphones on, speaking animatedly into the microphone. A soundproofed wall is visible in the background, highlighting the professional setting. A script on a stand is in front of the artist, indicating the ongoing recording session.

Types of Videos That Use Voice-Over

In the world of video production, the question of when to use voice-over is as crucial as how to use it. The choice should be driven by the purpose and nature of your content. Here are some common types of videos when incorporating voice-over can be highly beneficial:

  1. Explainer Videos and Training Videos: When your video aims to educate or inform, voice-overs can be an effective way to deliver information clearly and concisely. It helps the audience focus on both the visual content and the information being shared.
  2. Animation Videos: Animation heavily relies on voice-overs to give life to characters and narrate the story. Whether it’s an animated movie or a short cartoon, voice-overs are essential to convey emotions and dialogues.
  3. Corporate and Promotional Videos: Voice-overs in corporate videos can be used for introductions, demonstrating products, or conveying the company’s vision and values in a more engaging way compared to plain text.
  4. Conference and Event Highlights: Using a voice-over to summarize key moments or provide insights on conferences and events, allows for a more structured and engaging recap.

How we pick the Right Voice:

  1. Tone and Emotion: The tone should be in sync with the mood of your video. For instance, a heartfelt, slow-paced voice is suitable for emotional content, while an energetic and upbeat voice fits well with an exciting product launch.
  2. Target Audience: The voice should resonate with your target audience. For children’s content, opt for a more animated and vibrant voice, whereas, for a corporate video, a professional and clear voice would be ideal.
  3. Quality Recording: We only hire professional voice-over actors that have professional recording equipment. 
  4. Scriptwriting: The script needs to be conversational and clear. Avoids jargon, unless it’s essential for the content. We will work with you on fixing the script so that it flows. 
  5. Legal Considerations: We make it our imperative to have the artists sign our contractual agreements and release forms that address copyright issues and ownership rights. If the artist counters with some of the terms we let the client know and if the client does not accept the counter we move on to the second option on our list. 

Our Process for Voice-Over Casting and Hiring:

  1. Job Posting on (or equivalent)
    • Need all deadlines determined
    • Need the draft script from the client (NOTE: we always replace the clients name with something generic so that the applicants don’t know who the client is until they are selected. We will give them a general sense of the client’s industry but that’s about it.)
    • What is the reach of the project? (Which platforms will this be shown on?)
    • Description of talent: gender, age
    • Direction for Voice-Over Artist
  2. We filter and select the best options. We like to stick with 3 but will offer more depending on the situation. 
  3. Client selects Talent and gives Lapse Productions greenlight on hiring them. 
  4. Talent is sent offer
    • Describe scope and details of the project as well as our process
    • Send a talent release form and contract to be signed. Amount of revisions are outlined in this document. A reasonable amount are expected (1-3)
    • Talent accepts (or counters, like we mentioned earlier)
  5. Hire and send talent script and other final details
  6. Either they record on their own and send you the files or you do a live recording. (Depends on the project; doing a live recording gives us a chance to address any changes that will be needed to the recording. Usually they come out pretty good.)
  7. Receive files and send to client for final approval. 
  8. If the client greenlights then we complete the project. 
  9. If not, then we send notes to talent for a re-recording. 
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Incorporating a voice-over in your video production is not just an addition – it’s a game changer. It has the power to bring your narrative to life, forge emotional bonds with your audience, and elevate your brand to new heights. With the perfect blend of the right voice, impeccable quality, a riveting script, and meticulous editing, the art of voice-over becomes an indispensable tool in your video storytelling. Don’t forget to honor the legal rights of the talented artists that contribute to your masterpiece.

But to truly unlock the potential of voice-overs, you need an expert touch – someone who understands the intricate nuances and the impact that a voice can bring to your video. That’s where Lapse Productions comes in as your go-to expert in voice-over integration. Our dedication to quality and a deep understanding of storytelling through sound sets us apart. We don’t just add a voice to your videos; we breathe life into your brand’s story.

Are you ready to take your marketing videos to the next level? Don’t leave your audience hanging on for just visuals. Let’s give them the full experience. Contact Lapse Productions today for a consultation, and let’s embark on this journey of creating unforgettable stories together. When it comes to voice-overs, expertise makes all the difference, and your brand deserves nothing but the best. Get in touch with us now.

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