Top 5 Tools for Pre-Production

Pre-production, the planning phase of any media project, can be both exhilarating and daunting. The key to a smooth, efficient pre-production lies in the tools you use. Today, Lapse Productions is spotlighting five innovative tools that are revolutionizing the pre-production process for filmmakers, content creators, and video professionals.

1. – Revolutionizing Voice Technology stands out with its cutting-edge voice synthesis technology. Ideal for script reading, voice-overs, and auditory pre-visualization, this tool offers a range of realistic, customizable voice options. Its ability to bring scripts to life with convincing voice renditions makes it invaluable for refining dialogue and pacing in the early stages.

Elleven Labs

2. Polycam – A Leap in 3D Scanning

Polycam offers an accessible approach to 3D scanning, allowing users to create detailed 3D models of locations and objects using just a smartphone. This tool is essential for visualizing spaces and props, assisting directors and production designers in their spatial planning and set design. Polycam’s user-friendly interface and accurate scanning capabilities make it a must-have for location scouts and set designers.

A screenshot of the polycam lidar scan of a photography studio.

3. Cadrage – The Director’s Viewfinder

Cadrage is a comprehensive director’s viewfinder app that turns your smartphone into a powerful cinematic tool. It helps cinematographers and directors plan their shots with precision, offering a wide range of camera and lens simulations. With Cadrage, visualizing shots becomes easier and more accessible, making it an essential tool for shot listing and storyboard creation.


4. ChatGPT – Your AI Writing Assistant

ChatGPT is a versatile AI tool that excels in generating creative content, providing research assistance, and even brainstorming ideas. Whether you’re writing a script, preparing interview questions, or drafting project proposals, ChatGPT’s advanced language capabilities can help streamline the writing process and spark creativity.

A screenshot of OpenAI's homepage.

5. Frame Set – Efficient Storyboarding

Frame Set stands out in the realm of storyboarding and visual planning. This tool simplifies the process of creating and organizing storyboards, offering intuitive interfaces and a range of customization options. Its ability to facilitate visual storytelling and communication among team members makes Frame Cut an invaluable asset for any pre-production workflow.

Frame Set

Bonus: Sun Seeker – Mastering Natural Light

Understanding and utilizing natural light can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of your shots. Sun Seeker is an invaluable app for filmmakers and photographers alike, offering a detailed solar and lunar positioning tool. Whether planning golden hour shots or understanding the sun’s path for an outdoor shoot, Sunseeker ensures that natural lighting works in your favor, adding that magical touch to your visuals. Its augmented reality (AR) feature provides a real-time, 3D visualization of the solar path, helping you make the most of every golden ray.

A screengrab of the sun-seeker-app showing the direction and movement of the sun.

In conclusion, these five tools offer a blend of innovative technology and practical functionality, making them indispensable for modern pre-production processes. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding filmmaker, integrating these tools into your workflow can greatly enhance efficiency and creativity. Happy planning!

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