COVID-19 Video Production Safety Guidelines

(* July 2021 Update: The Lapse Productions Team has received their second vaccination)

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the video production industry as a whole. We have seen shifts from live-action shoots to remote virtual videos and animations. Having said that there are still live-action shoots that are on-going and so in this article we will focus on the COVID-19 guidelines that Lapse Productions has introduced for our video shoots.  

COVID-19 Laws and Regulations 

We follow video production health and safety guidelines that are issued by the city of Toronto on a daily basis. We are also following the Government of Canada COVID-19 guidelines

Due Diligence Precautions

We do not bring on any cast or crew members that have displayed anti-lockdown sentiments on social media or forums. We do not want to risk bringing on crew members that do not comply with regulations outside of the workplace. *note: this is only applicable for freelancers since everyone at Lapse Productions is COVID-19 compliant. 

Preparation for the Shoot

  • All client communications will be completed through zoom or google meets video calls.
  • All location scouts will be done remotely through zoom or google meets video calls.
  • Whenever possible we will aim to shoot at studio locations so that we can control the environment. 
  • Boxed meals will be ordered for cast and crew members.
  • All cast and crew members will be sent a COVID-19 questionnaire that they are required to fill out and sign. They will also be asked about symptoms the day before the shoot. Those displaying possible symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed on the production.
  • All video equipment brought on set will be sanitized before the shoot. 
  • We will make sure to have enough sanitization supplies to bring to set. The supplies include: wipes, sanitizer, masks, and disposable gloves.
  • A crew member will act as designated COVID-19 site supervisor. Their role will be to manage site safety and practices. 
  • We will attempt to limit the number of cast and crew on set so that only the necessary amount of people will be allowed. This is to reduce risk of an outbreak. 
  • Cast and crew not living together will be arriving at the location in separate vehicles. 

Physical Distancing

All cast and crew members will remain at least 2 meters apart (6 feet) during the entire production. 


All cast and crew will sanitize their hands at the start of the production, during, and after production. 

Cast and crew that need to sneeze or cough should aim to do so outside if possible and in their mask. They will need to sanitize their hands immediately after. 

All cast and crew will attempt to avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth, and face. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All cast and crew members will be required to wear a mask while on set. This includes interior and exterior shots. 

Cast and crew that want to take further precautions can wear surgical gloves during the production. 

On-Location Shooting Protocols 

  • We will utilize remote technologies so that clients and director or producer will be able to view footage without being too close to the videographer or cinematographer. 
  • Equipment exchange will be limited as much as possible to reduce risk of contamination. Equipment that is exchanged will be disinfected if possible. 
  • Certain crew members will be assigned to equipment so as to limit the amount of contact with equipment. 
  • Crew members will not be allowed to drive in together unless they live together. 
  • Food will be delivered in packages to crew members and they will maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet when eating without a mask. If possible we will try to eat outside. 
  • Crew members will be required to use disinfectant wipes on surface areas where they ate after lunch. 
  • Crew members will be required to write their name on water bottles that they use. Unclaimed water bottles or water bottles left lying around will be thrown out without question. 
  • If requested we will bring on a COVID-19 Compliance Officer (CCO). The cost of the COVID-19 safety officer will be added to the invoice. 

Hair and Makeup Precautions

  • Talent on Corporate Video Productions will be advised to do their own hair and makeup beforehand. 
  • For shoots where there is a Makeup Artist (MUA), the Makeup Artist will have their mask on at all times and the talent will only remove their mask when it is necessary for makeup. 
  • Hair and makeup will attempt to be done in an open space rather than closed space.
  • The MUA will also wash their hands and arms up to elbows and preferably wear surgical gloves and face shield in addition to masks. 
  • All items by the MUA will be disinfected or disposed of. 

Using LAV Microphones or Audio Equipment in General

We will aim to use a directional microphone whenever possible as opposed to the traditional LAV microphone. 

In situations where directional microphones are not enough, for example when there are more than two people on camera, we will disinfect LAV microphones before and after use and direct the talent to put the LAV microphone on their person. If the talent does not figure out how to put the LAV microphone on then we will have them put on their mask while the audio operator fixes the microphone. 

If boom microphones are used then the audio operator will disinfect their boom pole before and after use.  

Cast and Crew Protocols After the Shoot

Once Production is complete we provide sanitization liquid to all cast and crew members. 

We also forbid any kind of physical contact. Our cast and crew will only wave goodbye or provide a friendly namaste. 

We also ask cast and crew to allow for spacing between cars in the parking lot when possible. 

We also monitor signs and symptoms from all crew members for 1 week.

Cast and crew members will also self monitor for symptoms. 

Equipment Protocols After the Shoot

After we have finished shooting (Production) we disinfect all equipment, all equipment that was used twice; once during the packing up stage and once more outside of the client’s workplace. 

Hard drives that will be delivered to editors will be wiped down and disinfected prior to delivery. If possible we will try to upload footage to the cloud. 

What happens if a Lapse Productions crew member tests positive for COVID-19?

We are happy to say that since the start of the pandemic no crew member involved with Lapse Productions has tested positive for COVID-19. 

However, if a crew member was to test positive then we will begin tracing back to see which productions they might have been on. We will then inform all individuals that were involved in that production to get tested. We will also get quick 24 hour tests completed on crew members that might be on a shoot 24 hours from the notification.  

If a scheduled crew member might have come into contact with someone that is COVID-19 positive and is scheduled for a shoot but does not receive their test results in time then we will replace that crew member. We have a large network of freelancers that we can utilize for production of any size or scope so we will be able to find a replacement without issue. 

COVID-19 Vaccination for Lapse Productions Members

We are currently waiting for the government to lower the age limit so that we can get the COVID-19 vaccination. Once we are allowed to receive our vaccination we will book an appointment to get it. 

Future Considerations for COVID-19

Going forward with COVID-19, Lapse Productions aims to only bring on cast and crew that have received their COVID-19 vaccinations. We will be happy to present our vaccination card to clients on future productions.  

Need to Shoot A COVID-19 Compliant Video?

Need to shoot a video that is COVID-19 compliant but don’t know which video production company to hire? At Lapse Productions we guarantee you that our corporate video productions are 100% COVID-19 compliant. Reach out to me directly at to find out how we can produce your video.

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