Best Mother’s Day Ads 2022

Mother’s Day is upon us once again! Let’s take a look at some of the best Mother’s Day ads of 2022. Content curated by Lapse Productions.

Burger King – Pregnancy Whoppers

Burger King created this funny ad to highlight that no expectant mom should feel alone when falling for special food combinations due to their pregnancy cravings. 

The ad features women talking about unorthodox food combinations spurred by their pregnancy cravings and then later on they are presented with a special Burger King menu that features that food.

YouTube video

Path Forward – The Mother of All Reviews

Being a mother during the pandemic has been hard for many. To celebrate the contribution of working moms and all moms, Path Forward has created this video that features six unsuspecting moms that show up to their scheduled performance reviews, only to be brought to tears when they realize the reviews are from their families – not their colleagues.

YouTube video

Dove – Moms

Dove once again created something really unique. To showcase the dangers of toxic beauty advice on social media, they used technology to put the same advice into the mouths of the people that girls trust the most. Their moms.

Amazon – Woman’s World

Played to the tune of James Browns’ “This is A Man’s World”, Amazon created this ad to highlight the all-female delivery stations in India to show that these stations, owned and run by women, provide a source of financial independence, once only reserved for the men of India.

YouTube video

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