Creatives Grab Coffee #8 – Evolve Your Production (ft. Viva Media)

Welcome to Creatives Grab Coffee, hosted by Kyrill Lazarov & Dario Nouri. Creatives Grab Coffee is a podcast on the business of video production.

Matthew Watts is a creative producer and director who does business under Viva Media; a Toronto based video production & animation company crafting smart ads and messaging for businesses/brands.

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What are clients looking for when reaching out to production companies? Matthew shared with us that one thing he wants is for his clients to succeed and the best way to do that is to provide them with value. Value is in the work that you produce for them and is in the relationships you develop with them.

Evolving Your Production Process

Our discussion with Matt featured how as producers, we need to constantly look to improve the production process. A heavy focus on pre-production is necessary in order for the rest of the project to run smoothly. Managing timelines is key but Matt shared how he sets very specific deadlines with delivering the project and working with client feedback. He has managed to create a process that is efficient for not only himself, but also the client as well. He mentions how client pushback is very valuable sometimes because it allows for him to communicate openly with them.


Matt highlighted the importance of SEO and how it can transform a business’ ability to get noticed online. Without having done proper SEO, you are relying heavily on word of mouth to get noticed by others but with SEO, you can set your business up in a way that allows people to find it more organically online. Keep in mind that SEO is not easy and it takes a long time for the results to take effect. The key is to do your research and keep at it.

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