Creatives Grab Coffee #1 – How We Started

Welcome to Creatives Grab Coffee, hosted by Kyrill Lazarov & Dario Nouri. Creatives Grab Coffee is a podcast on the business of video production.

As this is the first episode Dario Nouri and Kyrill Lazarov will be talking about how they got their start in the video production industry. Dario and Kyrill met back in Ryerson University in the Business program at Ted Rogers School of business. Dario was studying Business Law and Kyrill was studying Marketing. Despite their business background both of them had a passion for filmmaking. During the summer of 2013, Kyrill jumped into the video industry by starting to create video content for the student groups at Ryerson. Dario ended up joining forces with him in January 2014 and since then they’ve been working together under the LAPSE Productions name.

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Creatives Grab Coffee serves three purposes for LAPSE Productions:

1) To network with business professionals in different industries;

2) To learn as much as possible from these business professionals; and

3) To grow LAPSE’s online presence.

We’ll be checking back on this blog post 1 year from this date to check and see how far we have come. As of right now we have a lot of guests scheduled to come on in future episodes from the video production industry. As we get more comfortable being on camera and interviewing guests we will expand to more industries. Make sure you subscribe because we’ll have guests from the video production, marketing, and film industry in upcoming episodes!

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